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Chris Deals With Cold Callers


A guest post by Chris.

I don’t intend to be rude to cold callers but they do have scripts to work to and I disrupt that by giving unexpected answers or questions.

If they claim to be doing a survey, then I might say

“What’s in it for me?”

Probably, they’ll tell me there isn’t anything or the slow witted ones just keep asking questions.

I might say “I cannot believe you are asking for information without giving me anything.”

If they say I am going to be entered into a draw or be given £100 voucher off double glazing for example  then I might say “Send me the cash or draw coupon or whatever first then I’ll answer questions”

A lot of the cold callers are from call centres in India and I have visited India several times so I might ask them whereabouts they are and ask about the weather or is my favourite hotel still there or something similar.

They don’t like talking about these things as it’s not on their script.

Other times, I might try to make the cold caller feel guilty.

I could tell them I have come down from the top of a ladder where I am painting the roof or been dragged in from the garden where I am cutting down trees to answer the phone.

Sometimes that works and other times they just stick to the script.

If they ring at lunchtime I always tell them I am hosting an important lunch party and cannot discuss my power suppliers or whatever it is they want at that time.

Of course that can lead to them suggesting they call again which obviously I don’t want.

If they are calling from England at lunch time then I might say

“Why are you calling at lunch time – are you not allowed lunch? I should have a word with my boss about that”

It can be entertaining dealing with cold callers but can just be an annoyance.

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Harry Bombards The Cold Caller With Questions

Confused Cold Caller

Harry didn’t like being pestered by cold callers and didn’t like being asked lots of irrelevant questions.

And he figured the cold callers wouldn’t like it either.

So, as soon as they started into their scripted questions, he bombarded them with his own questions.

“Who are you”

“Why are you phoning me?”

“How did you get my phone number?”

“Why are you wasting my time?”

“Who said you could phone me?”

“Why should I answer your questions?”

“Who told you to phone me?”

The cold callers usually recognise they are losing this battle and give up.

Pete Deals With Cold Callers

Confused Cold Caller

Guest post by W.

W. says her boss Pete doesn’t take to cold callers wasting his time.

For example:-

A call from someone claiming to be in computer support:  I want to talk with you about your computer.

Pete: No. I don’t want to talk to you about my computer. Goodbye.

A minute later, another caller from the same company: My colleague just phoned to talk with you about your computer

Pete: Your colleague obviously doesn’t understand English –I said NO! What part of NO doesn’t he get? and slammed the phone down.

Pete’s philosophy is don’t waste time on these callers.

Another time he told a caller to stop wasting his time and she told him to be more polite.

Pete said’ Alright I’ll be polite – please bleep off”

Another time, Pete wanted to have more fun and started a sales pitch on selling the caller life insurance. That really confused the caller.

Don’t waste your time on theses callers unless you want to have fun confusing them.

Valerie Deals with Cold Callers

Confused Cold Caller

A guest post by Valerie.

Valerie says she got fed up with cold callers years ago and signed up for the Telephone Preference Service. This led to a big reduction in the number of calls but she still does receive them.

They seem to call her mostly around 6 pm – they wait till they think you’re home from work and some even call her around 8 am when she’s having breakfast. She had three callers in one afternoon.

Valerie pays the extra money each month for caller Id on her phone so she can see who’s calling.

For cold callers, she keeps a very loud whistle by the phone and if it’s a cold caller they get a good blast of that.

If the whistle isn’t to hand, then she simply says ‘I’ll just get Mrs J.. for you’ and leaves the phone off the hook so it continues to cost the caller.

Cold callers can be a real nuisance, but I bet Valerie doesn’t get the same caller twice.

BT Engineer Charges Cold Caller

Confused Cold CallerRichard Herman was plagued by calls from a PPI cold calling company.  He asked them to stop calling him but the calls continued.  So, next call he warned them that if they called again he would bill them for his time at £10 per minute.

The Nuisance Calls continued and he kept a log and recordings of all Nuisance Calls about PPI received. He informed them that would base his bill for the use of his telephone electricity and time dealing with their calls.

He submitted a bill top the company (PPI Claim line Limited) for £195 which was 19.5 minutes of his time answering and dealing with the unwanted calls.

Even when the company denied making the PPI Nuisance Calls to him it didn’t deter him. He took them to court, but the case didn’t continue.

They settled out of court for £220 and paid him.

Hooray for Richard Herman.

Make them pay for wasting your time.

Update on Time-Wasters

Stop Wasting my Time signSo, what rubbish emails and calls have there been to Brooklands Radio station in the last few days?

Still getting calls from the same stupid PPI chasers. Pathetic. Unfortunately they use a computer to dial and play their message so they can keep on dialling the entire population repeatedly.

A Chinese company HungFung International want us to sell their nit removal combs. But it’s all fake – the supposed email address etc. are all just links to websites they get paid for promoting.

A supposed message from someone on LinkedIn. It’s fake. They copied the format of a real LinkedIn message request just to get us to click on some website that no doubt contains a scam.

Funding Circle offering us a business loan. We’re a volunteer organisation. No loans thank you.

An email proclaiming that Kids Stay Free at the Moon Palace Hotel in Cancun. May be a copy of a real advert for the hotel but sent from a spammer to get us to click on websites they want us to visit. 

These people just waste our time and clog up the Internet with rubbish.