Update on Time-Wasters

Stop Wasting my Time signSo, what rubbish emails and calls have there been to Brooklands Radio station in the last few days?

Still getting calls from the same stupid PPI chasers. Pathetic. Unfortunately they use a computer to dial and play their message so they can keep on dialling the entire population repeatedly.

A Chinese company HungFung International want us to sell their nit removal combs. But it’s all fake – the supposed email address etc. are all just links to websites they get paid for promoting.

A supposed message from someone on LinkedIn. It’s fake. They copied the format of a real LinkedIn message request just to get us to click on some website that no doubt contains a scam.

Funding Circle offering us a business loan. We’re a volunteer organisation. No loans thank you.

An email proclaiming that Kids Stay Free at the Moon Palace Hotel in Cancun. May be a copy of a real advert for the hotel but sent from a spammer to get us to click on websites they want us to visit. 

These people just waste our time and clog up the Internet with rubbish.


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