Stupidest Spam of the Week Diabetes Pinch

Diabetes is a huge problem in the Western world and to a lesser degree in the developing nations.

There are no real cures but there are various treatments that help to reduce the problem and alleviate the side effects of having a too high blood sugar level.

The best advice for anyone with diabetes type II is to exercise more, lose weight and have a healthy diet.

Scammers take advantage of the frustration and desperation felt by many with life changing diabetes, who struggle to get to the ideal weight and have a healthy diet.

A latest such scam message includes a fake video clip and the usual scammer language.

e.g. “Learn The secret Pinch Method” – but then claims 190,00 people already use it, so not such a secret really.

“There is no doubt the $370 billion diabetes industry does not want you to see this”. But diabetes treatment sales in the years to 2020 were only around $25 billion per year so the scammer’s figure is made up.

“Watch the video now before Big Pharma takes it down”. No. Just the usual dose of conspiracy theory.

Sadly, there is no magic pinch that resets your blood sugar instantly. The body’s blood sugar management system is very complex and a simple pinch will have no effect.

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Research into Mass Marketing Fraud

There is a project led by Professor Monica Whitty of the University of Warwick and it involves a number of Universities, enforcement agencies and private sector businesses.

DAPM (Detecting and Preventing Mass Marketing Fraud).

Project Outline:

The DAPM (Detecting and Preventing Mass Marketing Fraud) project will develop novel techniques to detect and prevent online mass marketing fraud (MMF), a major and growing problem that generates significant social anxiety and psychological impact. DAPM will establish new foundations for:

  • Detecting assumed identities and persuasive messaging used by fraudsters
  • Delivering much needed insights into the psychological and technical factors that lead to poor decision-making on the part of existing and prospective victims of such frauds

Through a multi-disciplinary approach and close focus on co-designing solutions collaboratively and testing them ‘in the wild’, the project will generate not only new scientific understanding of the anatomy of MMF, but also tools and techniques that can form the basis of practical interventions in tackling such fraud.

Importantly, this work brings together academic and non-academic partners. Each organisation has different knowledge to share and can tackle the problem using different methods. Combining academic research with technical knowledge provides much greater capability to prevent and detect MMF.

The outcomes of this project will enable:

  • Increased trust in the digital economy by citizens due to developed science around MMF detection and prevention
  • Improvements in public safety and fewer victims of MMF crime.
  • Changes in industry tactics and public policy around detection and prevention of MMF


Mass Marketing Fraud is a serious, complex and organised crime. Examples include foreign lotteries, advanced-fee scams and romance scams. Some are low value, one-off scams involving large numbers of victims; others involve developing a relationship where money is defrauded over time. The internet has opened up a vast array of opportunities for criminals to target potential victims and to trick people into making financial transfers in the name of charity, investment or love.

In the UK Action Fraud estimate that less than 10% of victims actually report this type of crime. Victims are unlikely to recover losses, offenders are often not caught and many victims are affected psychologically – often to a degree outweighing the financial loss.

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for further information.

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Fake Covid-19 Test Offers

Organisations are in the difficult position of trying to keep their business running while maintaining the safety of staff and customers in a world of Coronavirus.

Many scammers want to take advantage of the fear and difficulties around this and offer fake solutions – PPE that doesn’t exist or is not fit to use, fake ways to spot the virus, fake treatments, fake tests and more recently fake vaccines.

One latest email offers:-

“Fortunately, however, you can now use a test which can deliver results within 15 minutes; a test which is increasingly being used by companies across the country. “

“Our test will confirm if COVID-19 is present in the individual before any symptoms are revealed.  It has an accuracy rate of over 99% and requires no specialist equipment.”

The email address for information etc. is info but this is actually a link to which is obviously fake.

Do not buy anything to do with Coronavirus precautions, equipment, tests etc. except from accredited sources.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email

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New Internet Domains

Brooklands Radio is obviously a radio station and the new Internet domain “.radio” has come available.

So in theory we could buy the domain name or or something similar if we wanted to.

“.radio” is an example of a domain name suffix or top level domain as they are called.

Many of these such as .com or can be bought by anyone for maybe £5 – £20 per year.

And some are incredibly valuable such as or or

Some have protected registrations which means you can only own the domain if it is relevant to your business.  “.radio” is protected so only radio stations and business in the field of radio can buy such a domain name.

Why is there a need to protect domains? There are unfortunately a lot of people (claim jumpers) who buy domain names they think will be valuable then try to sell them at a profit to someone who needs that one.

If .radio was not protected then someone could buy up the domain for example and then sell it at an extortionate price to the BBC if they wanted it.  This can prevent people getting the domain names that they should have for their business.

Some of the recent new top level domains coming to market are











And so on.

There’s a world of new domain names to choose from.

But, most businesses still use .com or in the UK as these are so well known.

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