Pete Deals With Cold Callers

Confused Cold Caller

Guest post by W.

W. says her boss Pete doesn’t take to cold callers wasting his time.

For example:-

A call from someone claiming to be in computer support:  I want to talk with you about your computer.

Pete: No. I don’t want to talk to you about my computer. Goodbye.

A minute later, another caller from the same company: My colleague just phoned to talk with you about your computer

Pete: Your colleague obviously doesn’t understand English –I said NO! What part of NO doesn’t he get? and slammed the phone down.

Pete’s philosophy is don’t waste time on these callers.

Another time he told a caller to stop wasting his time and she told him to be more polite.

Pete said’ Alright I’ll be polite – please bleep off”

Another time, Pete wanted to have more fun and started a sales pitch on selling the caller life insurance. That really confused the caller.

Don’t waste your time on theses callers unless you want to have fun confusing them.

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