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Stupidest Spam of the Week German Spam

You have probably had spam messages claiming to be from the company “1 and 1” asking for your login and password, or telling you must confirm your email details or you need to change your payment method etc.

If you’re a website owner then you probably have heard of 1 and 1 as a web site hosting business, but otherwise it’s likely to be unknown.

These phishing emails are very common.

The latest one is in German which means the scammer is very lazy – sending German messages to a address is pretty dumb.

The German text is then hidden under pictures with English text on top. The pictures are about confirming your email address and there are dozens of links in the mail which point to www. rockersandmore .com which is obviously not the 1 and 1 company.

There is a section copied from genuine 1 and 1 emails, including a photo of the CEO.

Then some more German text followed by a picture of a picturesque German village then the message turns into a travel advert with lots of pictures and text about holiday homes available.

Perhaps the scammer also rents out holiday homes or maybe it’s just random content to fool the anti-spam filters at the email providers.


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Disposable Email Addresses

Using disposable email addresses can be a good way to deal with people who send you lots of spam emails.

You create a new disposable email address each time you need to sign up for some online service or to download a document etc. – any time where you don’t really want to use that service more than a few times or suspect they may sell your email address to spammers.

Any messages sent to the disposable email address will be automatically forwarded to your proper email address. The big advantage is that if that service starts sending you unwanted spam messages then you simply delete the disposable address.


With Yahoo you can create endless disposable address based on your real address, but hiding it.

e.g. if my email address is fred.flintstone then I can choose to create, for example

fredff900golfclub and fredff900subscriptions and fredff900sales and so on without limit.

Other Email Service Providers

Guerrilla Mail  (

They say “Avoid spam and stay safe – use a disposable email address! So far we’ve processed 12,634,091,283 emails keeping your real inbox safe and clean (59400 emails going in / hour)”.

It is a well used service and protects a lot email users against spam and it’s free.


TrashMail (

  • Disposable email service with all conventional mailbox functions!
  • NEW: Write email, forward and reply to any address!
  • SECURE: All data is encrypted with SSL!
  • FREE: All features still stay completely free!

Trashmail is a good free service.

Burner Mail (

Shield yourself with Burner Mail

“By using burner email addresses, you will never have to give out your personal email ever again. Instead, Burner Mail generates a unique and anonymous email for every service you sign up with, making it really hard for companies and advertisers to track you online.”

These and other similar services can be useful in the fight against spam emails. Keep your mailbox clear of unwanted messages.

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Email Predictions

The Radicati Group  carry out research into email usage, security, social networking, web technologies and more.

The information below is from their assessment of world email, covering the period 2019 – 2023.

The total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day will  exceed 293 billion in 2019, and is forecast to grow to over 347 billion by year-end  2023.






The number of worldwide email users will top 3.9 billion in 2019, and is expected to grow to  over 4.3 billion by the end of 2023. Over half of the world population uses email in  2019





The number of worldwide email accounts is expected to continue to grow at a slightly faster pace than the number of worldwide email users. This is particularly true of consumer email accounts, where many consumers tend to have multiple email accounts for different purposes (e.g. shopping vs. friends and family).

It’s clear that email is here to stay and will only increase in usage and importance.

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Spam Email Statistics 2019

Around 30 billion emails are sent each day and about half of those are spam in some form.

That spam is made up as follows:


Does Spam Work?

A proportion of the spam messages are just lazy advertising by genuine companies but vast amounts of it is scam messages of various kinds.

How effective the scam messages are in getting a response depends very much on exactly what it is. But typically, scam messages receive 1 reply in more than a million messages.

That seems extremely ineffective, but if the scammer sends enough millions of messages then they will get sufficient replies to enable them to steal from people.

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Stupidest Spam of the Week Chinese Christmas

There is a Chinese company named Shelark and they sell lots of household products including Christmas trees and decorations etc.

The email received from Liana of Shelark looks very much like a scam message and although that’s unlikely to be true, it is however a very stupid piece of spam.

The message starts with “Glad to learned from Social e-commerce that you are doing the Fashion Accessories Business”.

Not true so that marks the message as spam.

The message continues “We supply  Fashion Accessoreis  to Various countries market for several years. All our products are manufactured strictly and provided to over 30 countries already”.

For just one sentence, it manages to include several examples of poor English grammar and a misspelling.

The poor grammar would be understandable if the message had been translated by a computer – but the misspelling rules that out. It must have been mistranslated by a person with no access to a dictionary.

It’s a stupid and pointless message – no-one wants to buy from a company that sends out badly written spam messages.

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