1. Michael Bobrik says:

    Dear Ninja,
    163.com is now using US mail. I received a postcard with a big “amazon” logo on it. Excerpts from the message:
    How To Get A Gift Card:
    “Leave a 5-star rating [of our toothbrush]. Send a screenshot of it to [omitted]@163.com. We will send you a $30 gift card.” Now come the red flags:
    “Don’t mention the gift card in the review – this may affect your account safety” ?!?
    “If you can’t reach us, try contacting us at a different email address “ !!! No ‘other’ email is given.

    • comptroller says:

      Well spotted.
      It does cost a lot more to send post then to email but some scammers are switching back to the post.

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