Scammers, Spammers and Time-Wasters


A “Scam” email or call is where the originator is trying to take money or something else valuable from you dishonestly.

These people are bastards and should be stopped wherever possible.

Online dating fraud cost the UK an estimated £34 million in 2015

58% of people received calls suspected to be from scammers in 2015

Identity theft costs UK citizens over a billion pounds a year

[figures provided by Action Fraud]



“Spam” emails are unsolicited bulk emails.

Businesses have legitimate reasons for sending out bulk emails on occasion but spammers send out vast amounts of bulk email indiscriminately.

Spam messages clog up the Internet and slow everything down.

Roughly 45% of the worlds emails are Spam. That’s 14.5 billion messages per day.

Spam is made up of

  • Advertising (36%)
  • Adult (32%)
  • Financial (27%)
  • Other (5%)

Spam emails are estimated to cost world business $20 billion per year in lost productivity and technical costs.


TimeWasters” are the people who send you messages or call you without any idea of whether the product or service will be of any interest to you. They should know better but are too lazy to check

e.g. recruitment agencies who send out inappropriate jobs that match a random word in your cv

The time-wasters are the inefficiencies we all pay for.