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KB and the Police Officer Scammer

A post by K.B. Beaumaarks

I am an educated professional with an upper level income. My scams occurred not with an outsider but a partner…. yep first with my ex-husband who was a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine then to a boyfriend who was a Police Officer. Two professions that were “trustworthy professions” I was blinded by the scammers that they were. My point is to trust your gut no matter who the person is. If it feels wrong…. chances are it is wrong.

When I met my second husband, he was a charming police officer who stated he had made lots of money working for an additional company outside his police job.

He lived in a beautiful expensive home. He was a veteran of the police force for over 23 years and appeared to be well respected. I had made quite a bit of money after my divorce in real estate investments and lived in a nice home. I began to develop a relationship with him and felt very comfortable with him. He was a respected police officer. A law enforcing professional of 23 years.

He had asked to borrow money because he had gotten into a cash flow problem but had a real estate deal worth a million dollars. He presented me with a contract, I showed it to a real estate agent friend of mine and she said it was a legitimate contract. I felt comfortable knowing he paid $200,000.00 for the property and was reselling it to a Physician in the area who was very well known and very financially set.

He had a contract on the land for over a million dollars. He said to write him a check for the paper trail and write in the memo that it was a personal loan to him so I had evidence that it was a loan not a gift. Long story short, the contract fell apart but eventually sold for less but still doubled his money.

The police officer boyfriend basically said he was never going to pay me back and good luck trying to collect because he knew every judge in the county etc.

I sued him and he filed for bankruptcy after blowing every dollar he had made on the land deal. I trusted both my doctor husband and boyfriend police officer. Just because someone appears to be financially set or has a certain title, please research and follow your gut instincts or it could be financially fatal.

Con artists and scammers come in all professions and backgrounds. Do not be naïve and trust your gut!

See KBs post about her first husband.

I have written a book called The Preah Secrets and it deals with my veterinary husband and how I discovered his heist and how I followed my gut to eventually discover his intentions of deceit. I prepared and eventually sought justice for myself. I hope the book inspires others to follow their instincts and remember, scams can happen to anyone by anyone.

Go to for further insight and to buy the book.

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Chris Deals With Cold Callers


A guest post by Chris.

I don’t intend to be rude to cold callers but they do have scripts to work to and I disrupt that by giving unexpected answers or questions.

If they claim to be doing a survey, then I might say

“What’s in it for me?”

Probably, they’ll tell me there isn’t anything or the slow witted ones just keep asking questions.

I might say “I cannot believe you are asking for information without giving me anything.”

If they say I am going to be entered into a draw or be given £100 voucher off double glazing for example  then I might say “Send me the cash or draw coupon or whatever first then I’ll answer questions”

A lot of the cold callers are from call centres in India and I have visited India several times so I might ask them whereabouts they are and ask about the weather or is my favourite hotel still there or something similar.

They don’t like talking about these things as it’s not on their script.

Other times, I might try to make the cold caller feel guilty.

I could tell them I have come down from the top of a ladder where I am painting the roof or been dragged in from the garden where I am cutting down trees to answer the phone.

Sometimes that works and other times they just stick to the script.

If they ring at lunchtime I always tell them I am hosting an important lunch party and cannot discuss my power suppliers or whatever it is they want at that time.

Of course that can lead to them suggesting they call again which obviously I don’t want.

If they are calling from England at lunch time then I might say

“Why are you calling at lunch time – are you not allowed lunch? I should have a word with my boss about that”

It can be entertaining dealing with cold callers but can just be an annoyance.

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Julie Deals With Cold Callers By Being Caring


Julie is a committed Christian and does not want to make life difficult for cold callers.

Her natural response to such callers is to talk with them.

After their opening pitch, she asks something such as

“I’m curious, why did you choose this job?

Or “Shame, it must be really hard calling people up with a marketing script all day long”

And she is genuinely interested in the answers.

They do tend to end the call but if they stay on and start to talk then Julie takes the opportunity to tell them about her Christian beliefs and how that affects her life.

When busy, Julie does just say No to callers and puts the phone down as most people do, but that doesn’t get your number taken off their calling lists so you will get more calls.

The Car Park Kitchenware Scammer

dishA guest post by Jay

Jay says  – My elderly neighbour was scammed in the car park at Painshill park.

He was approached by a Swiss sounding man selling upmarket kitchen sets. He said he was on his way to Europe and had to sell after a trade fair. The plates on his car were Swiss.

My neighbour is an ex lawyer – that shows how convincing these guys can be. He was so convinced he spent £1,270 – only to find out they were fake.

I think the brand is called Swiss Jura .

There’s a warning up on about this man as apparently he has been operating in this area of Surrey for a while.

The Police do know about this man

Surrey Police are warning people to not fall into the same trap, after two women were duped out of hundreds of pounds.

The man reportedly told the two women different stories about who he was and why he had the knives.

The first sale took place in a golf club car park in Weybridge.

He told the woman he was from Switzerland and his father ran a Swiss Cuisine company. He persuaded the woman to buy two sets of what she thought was St Moritz knives for €450.

As usual, if it looks too good to be true – it probably is.

Winifred’s Approach to Cold Callers

Confused Cold Caller
 Guest post by Winifred
Winifred says When I get a cold call, I say ‘I am not buying anything’.

They usually say ‘I am not selling anything’

So I say, ‘then why are you calling invading my private time. Take me off your list’


One caller was very determined.

I’d told him that I wasn’t buying anything but he persisted and in the end I just put the phone down.

Then he had the cheek to ring back and complain that I was rude to him.

So I said ‘I did not give you my telephone number. I told you I was not interested in anything you had to sell, My home time is very valuable to me. But you would not listen so I put the phone down in hopes that you would finally get the message’

I hope he has got the message.

I might try my cousin’s approach instead. When he gets a cold call, he says ‘just a minute’, puts the phone down and walks away.

This wastes their phone bill and annoys them.


Doreen Deals With Cold Callers

Confused Cold CallerDoreen has strong views on cold callers. She says:- I tend to regard these people as invading my space and I think that more should be done to stamp out cold calling.

We are registered with the Telephone Preference Service., I get fewer calls than I used to but there are still some cold callers.  I like to tell them THIS IS A BARRED LINE GET OFF IT!

I do say it quite curtly! If they don’t put the phone down straightaway then my follow-up is I will get your company fined. That stops them.

Before we registered on the Telephone Preference Service, I used to have several strategies for dealing with cold callers. One of my favourites was telling them they had rung a crime scene and I needed their number for further action! That stopped that call dead.

Graham Annoys a Car Accident Claim Scammer

Phone Caller

Graham says:

I had done some shopping and coming back to the car park a women was about to put a note on my car saying she had accidentally scrapped my car when parking next to me. We exchanged details and her insurance company was excellent ringing me the same day, admitting full liability and got my car fixed within a couple of days and loaning me a car. Great I thought.

But then I was plagued by calls from legal firms wanting to claim personal injury for me. They claimed the insurance company had set aside a sum of money for my personal injury. I just kept telling them I wasn’t interested.

Then I decided to waste their time as they were wasting mine.

So, next caller I answered her questions about the accident  and waited till she got to the end of the process then said casually

“Does it make any difference whether I was in the car at the time of the accident?”

“You weren’t in the car?”


“You’ve just wasted my time on this”

“NO! You phoned me. You wasted My Time!”

That’s good riddance to one annoyed cold caller.

Guest Post: ‘A Humorous Way To Greet Cold Callers’

While the intrusive and irritating nature of a cold call can infuriate the masses, there have been quite a few times in the past when I have tried to treat the unwelcome interruption with a bit of humour. How? Well when I see that the Caller ID has been withheld again, I resort to answering the phone in a way that could lead to an interesting conversation. Here are some of my favourite ones so far:

“Hampshire Constabulary Incident Room, DI Smith speaking,” (a personal favourite of mine).

“Surbiton Pizza Hut, is your order for collection or delivery?” (in the typical teenage tone).

“Cyber and Communications Crime Unit,” (always goes down well!)

“PPI Compensation Hotline, can I help you?” (get them with their own game).

“Thank you for calling ‘The Smithson Clinic’. To book an appointment, press 1.” (usually followed by a long list of different fake options).

What ends up happening next? Most of the time, the caller returns the handset within a split second but sometimes, comedy gold ensues! So next time you see the all-too-familiar ‘Caller ID Withheld’, pick a persona and see how it goes.