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Time-Wasters Update

A message tells me that a temporary email address I use is due to be terminated unless I upgrade my account. But that email address is a temporary one, so is unimportant. Also, the message is from vanphatpro1998 which is not the company that provide the email address so it’s from a scammer and should be ignored.

The Japanese Red Soda fat burning secret is yet another magic means of supposedly losing tons of weight with no effort. Sadly, these are always scams and drinking a glass of soda before 10 am in the morning as specified in the message isn’t going to make you lose 33 lbs of fat in one month with no exercise as is claimed. Effortless dieting does not exist except in the minds of scammers.

A message from APPLE tells me they have accepted my order and I should open the attached tax invoice document. But it’s not from APPLE of course – it is actually from which is an obvious fake. The attached file is a WORD document so as part of a scam is very likely to contain malware. No thanks.

An email tells me that my parcel delivery is on hold as the company have incomplete address information. I can choose to click to update my delivery details and have the parcel re-delivered or to click to arrange a new delivery address or I can choose to collect the parcel in person in Acton.  No thanks – I wont do any of those as there is no parcel.

The Coronavirus has led to worldwide shortages of personal protective equipment, hand sanitiser, face masks, test equipment and much more. Scammers love this kind of problem as it makes people more willing to buy these items from unproven suppliers and even governments have fallen for some of the scammers tricks in their haste to buy the necessary items.    There are still scammers offering face masks for sale and sending out mass spam emails. This latest one claims to be able to source any quantities wanted and at low prices. But no-one should ever buy from people who send out mass emails as they are almost guaranteed to be scammers. Always research any supplier before making a commitment.

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