The Cellulite Cure

Email titled “Finally: You Can End the Embarrassment of Cellulite”

“Stop cellulite from running your life.”

“Naturally eliminate every single trace of cellulite from your entire body, permanently, in just 21 days.”

Then comes the supposed proof by listing quotes from satisfied customers, such as:-

“I jump out of bed each day with joy. I had never felt sexier in my entire life”

“The spark is definitely back in my marriage”

There is a link to click to watch a video which will reveal how a special protein can turn your cellulite skin silky smooth.

This is all just a scam of course.

There is no such protein.

The email is not from a medical establishment or a pharmaceutical company but from which is an Internet address intended to be used for downloading software or media etc.

And the last part of the email is the usual sections taken from a random book hoping to fool the Internet service provider spam filters.

It’s all rubbish.

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Amateur Detective Recovers Scammed Money

Gideon Roseman was scammed out of a lot of money. He had builders working on his home and fraudsters hacked in to the builder’s email system. They sent a message to Roseman purporting to the builder asking for a down payment to start work. Roseman paid £20,400 to what he though was the account of his builder.

The next day his wife Esther found an email from the builder warning his customers that his email had been hacked and Roseman realised his payment had gone to the hackers.

The builder had checked his emails and found messages to a number of customers demanding payment to a bank account he did not recognise.

Roseman said  “I wasn’t filled with optimism when I spoke to my bank, so I felt as though the only way I would get my money back is to take things into my own hands.”. He is a barrister so had a head start over most of us in dealing with the legal system.

He travelled to London to the High Court to apply for the fraudster’s bank account to be frozen.

The judge agreed it appeared he had been the victim of fraud and granted the order.

Mr Roseman then contacted Santander’s court orders department and it froze the account.

He soon received another email from the fraudster asking for more money to “cover the VAT” on the work.

Mr Roseman played along and managed to obtain the sort codes and details of another two accounts — one at Barclays and another at Santander.

He then returned to the High Court to get these accounts frozen and the judge again approved his application.

The court ordered Barclays and Santander to release all contact details and bank statements for the frozen accounts and using these, Mr Roseman tracked down £5,655 in several Santander accounts connected to the fraudster and the bank agreed to return the money.

He also noticed the scammer had transferred around £5,000 to a haulage firm, which repaid his money when requested.

The bank accounts also revealed £9,150 was transferred out of the fraudster’s account more than 24 hours after Mr Roseman first reported the incident to Barclays.

Barclays denied any delay but later agreed to pay the remaining £9,150.

It added £200 compensation. This left £395 outstanding, which the builder took off his bill.

Mr Roseman said “Hopefully, I’ve shown that despite what the banks might say, it is possible to track down cash after it’s disappeared and get the money back.”

“My advice to scam victims is to act immediately. Call your bank, gather evidence and instruct a solicitor to get to court as quickly as you can to freeze the accounts.”

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Fake Reviews Websites

There is a common scam or spam called Fly Free Academy where the seller is trying to convince us that it’s perfectly possible to fly free of charge.  How to book $1000 flights for $20 and so on.

Whether or not this is a scam or just a complex game where some people can get free or nearly free flights if they follow the instructions  isn’t the point.

When you type in ‘Fly Free Academy scam” on Google it returns a lot of results starting with

Fly Free Academy Review – Worthy or Scam? – Neuromath

Then Free Academy Review – Does It Work? – Helen Reviews

Followed by Fly Free Academy Review – Derek Pankaew’s System a Scam?

Fly Free Academy – A To Z Product Reviews

My Shocking Fly Free Academy Review –

Then some YouTube videos by Fly Free Academy then more reviews

Fly Free Academy review – Richerornot

And so it goes on – there are dozens of these review sites.

But they’re all fake – they’ve been created by the sellers of Fly Free Academy and are just sales pitches wrapped up to look like reviews.

Is this illegal? No.

Is it wrong?  If people realise these reviews are just sales pitches then no harm done but if people think these are independent reviews and not realise they are by the sellers of Fly Free Academy then that’s conning people.

The sellers have also posted reviews on other people’s sites and on social media and must have spent a lot of money and effort on this.

Honesty would be a better and cheaper policy. Don’t create fake reviews.

If you have any experiences with scammers, spammers or time-waster do let me know, by email.

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Cyber Currencies in 2021

In 2017, Bitcoin reached a price of $19,783 each but also dropped to $4,400 at one point.

Bitcoin and all of the other cyber currencies have no assets, nothing to guarantee a minimum value, so the prices can vary wildly and be highly unpredictable.

Ethereum fell in 2018 from a high of $1,300 to just over $90 by December, although it did rally after that.

Some people believe that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be considered to be a new asset class rather than a high risk novelty item and hope that governments and institutions will start to treat cyber currencies as assets suitable for widespread investment. Maybe this will happen in 2021 and accelerate the move to cyber currencies. However, there is nothing certain in this and cyber currencies may well have another bumpy unpredictable year.

The development of stablecoins may be a big step forward in wider acknowledgement of these currencies.


Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to minimize the volatility of the price of the stablecoin, by pegging it to some “stable” asset or basket of assets. A stablecoin can be pegged to a cryptocurrency, fiat money, or to exchange-traded commodities.

New stablecoins are being created to try to bring stability to the cyber currency market, but it’s not an easy step.

Some Popular Cybercurrencies

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the biggest and most famous of the cyber currencies and it has made a lot of people millionaires. However, it has also lost huge sums for people.

Some experts think Bitcoin could be one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in through 2021

2. Ethereum

Ethereum is a major player and billions of dollars worth of Ethereum were traded in 2020.

A major upgrade called Ethereum 2 (or Serenity) is in progress, due for launch in early 2021.

This will make Ethereum more efficient and able to process more transactions more quickly.

3. Litecoin

Litecoin has a market capitalisation in the billions of dollars and is growing strongly.

It is connected to Bitcoin and that should help it’s future.

4. Bitcoin Cash

First launched in 2017, Bitcoin Cash was launched as a scalable branch of the original Bitcoin, after traders raised concerns over Bitcoin’s scalability.

It’s still going strong.

5. Ripple

Ripple is interesting but more complex to understand as the name covers both the Ripple platform (RippleNet) and its virtual currency (Ripple XRP). XRP is currently the world’s fourth biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation.

Overall, cyber currencies are getting stronger each year and the likelihood of them becoming commonly used as an asset is increasing.

However, any investors need to be very wary of the volatile nature of these currencies.

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