The State of Email

The Radicati Group  carry out research into email usage, security, social networking, web technologies and more.

The information below is from their assessment of world email, covering the period 2015 to 2019, but carried out in 2015.













This shows a steady growth in email accounts and email users with an average of just under 2 email accounts per person using email.

The total number of email users by 2019 is just under half of the population of the planet, which shows how incredibly useful email is to most of us.

This is despite the fast rising growth of text messaging, social networking and other forms of communication.













This shows the staggering number of email messages sent each day – 205 billion in 2015 rising to 246 billion in 2019 of which roughly half are business communications and half are personal messages.

This means that by 2019 we will be sending approximately 84 email messages per person per day.

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Stupidest Spam of the Week Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth seems to be a popular pastime with many people paying their dentist or expert practitioner to get progressively whiter and whiter teeth.

But many who cannot afford that choice go for off the shelf methods or even untested Internet methods.

This latest scam jumps on the bandwagon with “Getting a perfect smile is easier than ever before”.

It’s trying to sell a Whitening At Home System All in One Kit that gives you instant LED teeth.

Maybe the scammer is offering to remove the customers teeth and replace them with small LEDs, or maybe not.

The whole thing is just a scam, as is obvious from the confusing array of contradictory facts quoted in the messages.

It claims the method is “instant” then claims it takes only “9 minutes”.

It says no prescription is required then says it is 5 times stronger than any other whitening products on the market, many of which do need prescriptions.

It claims to be an unknown method but then says lots of celebrities are using it.

All rubbish. Teeth whitening is basically a process of using strong chemicals to strip off the outside layer of your teeth. The more that is stripped then the whiter the teeth but also the weaker they are.

If you want whiter teeth – see a professional. Don’t risk your teeth.

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AVAST Destroy Massive Botnet

AVAST is an Internet security firm and they achieved a great fight back with the help of the French Police.

Criminals employ malware for various tasks including accessing personal information, stealing financial data such as credit card details, collecting logins and passwords, potentially encrypting files then demanding a ransom be paid and so on.

One class of malware that is less dangerous is data mining where the criminals don’t steal data but use your computers processing power for their own benefit. The side effect is that your computer will run slowly and may crash at times.

Retadup malware is a recent incarnation of this and it is used for data mining of Bitcoin cyber currency. It infects your computer and runs a programme to aid its owners in making Bitcoins.

This requires huge amounts of processing power and typically the scam involves many thousands of computers – unknown to their owners.

In this case, approximately 850,00 computers were compromised by Retadup.

The Take-Down

AVAST became involved when it discovered a design flaw in the software controlling Retadup. AVAST realised that the flaw could be used to allow someone to instruct the control to remove the malware from its victims’ computers.

AVAST are a private company and lacked the legal authority to carry this out. Most of the malware’s infrastructure was located in France, so Avast contacted French police. They received the go-ahead and the police went ahead with the operation to take control of the server and disinfect affected computers.

The police replaced the malicious command and control server with a prepared server that made connected instances of Retadup self-destruct. In the very first second of its activity, several thousand bots connected to it in order to fetch commands from the server. The Police server responded to them and disinfected the computers.

Jean-Dominique Nollet, head of the French police’s cyber unit, said the malware operators generated several million euros worth of cryptocurrency.

Remotely shutting down a malware botnet is a rare achievement — as it’s difficult to carry out.

Well done AVAST and the French authorities.

If you have any experiences with stopping botnets do let me know, by email.

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Crypto Scammers

Cryptomusu is a web site offering investments in crypto currencies i.e. digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Their way of working appears to be to be friendly and supportive of new clients then push them to invest heavily and if necessary borrow money to invest.

Typically, the investment grows initially then suddenly it goes wrong and all of the money is lost. Cryptomusu don’t care and don’t help and simply recommend the customer borrows more money to try to win back their losses.

The following is one of many bad reviews on sites such as Trustpilot.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES get sucked into this SCAM !!!
You will lose EVERYTHING. You will be encouraged to keep investing more money by any means they can, you will be promised some of your money will only be needed for a short duration of time (in days) and then returned but it NEVER happens.
You are not given all the information you need at all, eg you will need to close all your trades to be able to draw out money. You will not be told about SWAP, which swallows up most of your balance. You will have your account manager changed 2 or 3 times and when they finally realise you are not going to invest any further funds, you will be encouraged to open more trades and you will lose everything left in your balance. This company are aggressive and bullies, out to drain everything out of you that they can, whether that’s your savings or by using up your credit limits on your credit cards or BOTH !! Be warned, i wish i had checked them out more thoroughly first and read the BAD reviews on this site in my experience they are mostly TRUE !!!!

The company is registered in the Caribbean so effectively non regulated in the UK and although the FCA have been warning people against Cryptomusu, it is impossible to stop.

Cryptomusu is also associated with,, and

Stay clear of these people and only use a registered broker with FCA registration to safeguard your investment.

If you have any experiences with crypto currency scams, do let me know, by email.

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