The eCommerce Store Scam

There are many fake websites able to do eCommerce  I.e. take money from you for products even if the products don’t exist.

But a recent set of emails are the first ones offering to create a store for you from scratch and to reach £10,000 in sales within 50 days.

That is an odd combination of promises. Do they really build eCommerce websites for people and ensure plenty of customers?

Seems very unlikely. More likely is that the entire thing is jut a con – no website, no eCommerce and no sales.

The email is from a Gmail address rather than a company address, the email is sent out to random people,  the grammar is terrible, there are many text words used rather than correct English (e.g. plz instead of please) and the whole thing is very amateurish.

It’s a con.

If you have any experiences with scammers, spammers or time-waster do let me know, by email.

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Stupidest Scam of the Week Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a very trendy super food currently with celebrities vying to make the best pitch on how wonderful it is.

There is some limited evidence that coconut oil is beneficial in modest amounts as compared to other oils, but there is no evidence for most of the claims of the coconut oil fans and no evidence that it is a super food  of any kind.

This scammer obviously doesn’t need scientific evidence – she wants to convince us that coconut oil fights cancer, stops ageing, accelerate fat loss and reverses Alzheimer’s

That’s quite a list but the scammer wants to make sure to attract as many people as possible – and probably only stupid people as that list of claims is just ridiculous.

She ends with an exhortation “9 reasons why you should eat as much coconut oil as you can”.

It is fattening stuff so the only result of that would be obesity.

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Time-Wasters Update

One idiot spammer keeps trying to sell shipping container plans as if living in a shipping container is a good idea. No thanks.

A long dull story claiming to be from Mr. Gilbert William Frost explains that he was the victim of a scammer and lost $100,000 but the FBI put him in touch with a Mrs Fernandez who only charged him $550 for legal papers and then got compensation of $1,300,000 for him. It doesn’t explain why the compensation is 13 times the amount he lost but he exhorts everyone to do what he did and recover millions of dollars. Just a typical Nigerian 419 scammer looking for greedy stupid people to respond and then lose their money chasing a non existent pot of gold.

A strange email titled “How men are preventing type II diabetes”. There are many emails targeting women’s health but claiming men have a different way to women of avoiding type II diabetes is a new one. I’m not clicking the link to see what rubbish they are advertising.   

A message from Bird Box tells me I’m missing out because I haven’t signed up to the only ISA that pays 9.5% fixed returns per year, paid every 6 months.  An ISA that paid that much would go bankrupt very quickly so obviously it’s  just lies.

There are lots of scam emails about cures for Alzheimer’s as it is very common and there is no cure. This message claims a new chewy snack shut down research at one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies and that medical experts are calling it the Alzheimer’s discovery of the century. Strange that we haven’t seen it on TV, in the newspapers or shouted from the rooftops. There is no such discovery, just an evil scammer trying to get people’s hopes up so she can steal their money.

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Website: The Daily Scam

The Daily Scam website is a resource to help people counter online fraud – it is funded by donations and has been attacked a number of time by hackers trying to stop them.

“The Daily Scam was developed by Doug Fodeman and David Deutsch in response to the overwhelming number of Internet scams and online fraud targeting them, their friends and colleagues”.

Mission Statement

“Our goal is simple: To help people better understand internet-based threats, scams and fraudulent practices, and how to avoid them”.


“The problem is getting larger every year. Despite people’s best intentions to stay safe online there are extremely talented scam artists and criminal gangs who successfully manipulate us into infecting our computers with malware, or trick people into revealing personal information that puts us at risk. During the last few years these threats have been increasing and we’re as sick and tired of them as you!”

These guys are big believers in education as the solution to these scammers.

They have created resources on their website to educate business and the public to keep your computers and your information safe. There is a free weekly newsletter “The Daily Scam” which aims to expose the latest scams and offer tips for reducing your risks online.

They offer webinars and workshops to help to educate people.

The website includes:-

  • Lots of useful articles
  • Warnings
  • Videos
  • Newsletters
  • T-shirts and mugs with anti scam slogans

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Losing Weight in 1914

1914 – the start of the Great war in Europe.

Not a time to worry about losing weight.

But in America, “Every Woman’s Flesh Reducer” came to market in Chicago.

Described as “an easy wonderful external method for men and women”.

Apparently, you just had to pour the reducer powder into your warm bath and the results would be astonishing.

“Your superfluous fat will fade away, easily, surely and without any bad effects. Your figure will become as it should be – graceful, trim and beautiful”.

Sounds good but sounds very much like modern day magic weight loss scams.

And of course it was  a scam – the reducer powder was basically bath salts so you got a nice bath with it but no fat reduction.

There have always been scammers – the only difference now is that you mostly find them on the Internet.

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How Fake Social Media Profiles Are Created

It is very simple to create fake social media profiles and takes little effort. You make or buy a new email address and a phone number, fill in the registration screen and that’s most of it done.

However, making them believable takes more time and effort.

Some scammers take the time to do this as part of what are usually phishing scams – aimed at gaining people’s confidential data for sale to other criminals.

Criminals create these fake profiles on social media for a variety of reasons, including:-

  1. A profile for phishing
  2. Support profiles to make the master profile more believable
  3. For advertising of scam products
  4. To build up lists of people on social media, to sell to other criminals

Generally, the key is to create subsidiary profiles to support the central one (master profile) and these need to have a reasonable level of information and posts but not in great detail as they are only to support the master profile.

The master profile needs to be as detailed as possible – full education history, current and previous occupations, qualifications, pastimes etc. Then register that profile with Facebook groups or similar on other platforms and so on.

Once the hackers have built this information, they may be ready to launch their attacks – Phishing or otherwise.

If you are contacted by someone you don’t know and feel there is reason to check if they are genuine then look in detail at dates the information was added and if it’s all recent – that’s a warning flag. Check their friends, employers etc.

For most of us this level of investigating is not needed, but if you have access to sensitive information or think someone may try to steal your identity – then take care.

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