The Banking Protocol Scheme

Under the Banking Protocol scheme, branch staff are trained to detect the warning signs that someone is being scammed and make an emergency call to the police. Police will then visit the branch to investigate the suspected fraud and arrest any suspects still on the scene.

The scheme has now prevented £116 million in scams since it was introduced three years ago.

The Banking Protocol allows bank branch staff to contact police if they suspect a customer is in the process of being scammed, with police making an immediate priority response to the branch. This can prevent customers from falling victim to fraud, while allowing police to catch the fraudsters in the act.

Over 100 suspected fraudsters were arrested through the initiative in the first half of this year. These range from rogue traders who demand cash for unnecessary work on people’s property, to courier scam fraudsters who persuade their victims take out a large sum of cash and hand it over to someone posing as a courier.

Customers would first be asked by the bank to visit their local branch to complete the transaction, enabling branch staff to carry out additional checks and use the Banking Protocol if necessary. However, if the customer is unable to visit their bank branch, for example if they are vulnerable or have a disability, staff would be able to directly alert the local police who will make a visit to the customer’s home and assess whether they have fallen victim to a scam.

These scams will only stop when the banks make it too difficult for them to succeed.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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More Internet Domain Names

Brooklands Radio is obviously a radio station and the Internet domain “.radio” is becoming more popular.

In theory we could buy the domain name or or something similar if we wanted to.

“.radio” is an example of a domain name suffix or top level domain as they are called.

Many of these such as .com or can be bought by anyone for maybe £5 – £20 per year.

And some are incredibly valuable such as or or

Some have protected registrations which means you can only own the domain if it is relevant to your business.  “.radio” is protected so only radio stations and business in the field of radio can buy such a domain name.

Why is there a need to protect domains? There are unfortunately a lot of people (claim jumpers) who buy domain names they think will be valuable then try to sell them at a profit to someone who needs that one.

If .radio was not protected then someone could buy up the domain for example and then sell it at an extortionate price to the BBC if they wanted it.  This can prevent people getting the domain names that they should have for their business.

There are new Internet domain extensions created periodically and some of the more interesting names are: domains are

.rsvp .com

.dad .com

And so on.

There’s a world of new domain names to choose from. But most businesses still use .com as it’s so well known.

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The Expert Bets Scam

An email pops up titled something like “The Betting Experts team”.

But it’s from which means it’s a scam as “.faith” internet addresses are obviously meant for Churches and other faith organisations. Betting does not qualify.

The email says
“ I’m so glad you opened this.

The Betting Experts have just opened their doors to new members and you don’t want to miss out.

These guys consistently bring in$120,000 – $160,000 per year – and it’s no surprise with their combined expertise”

It goes on to promise you can make $2,400 in your first week. And they have just 50 spots to release.

So, it’s a typical “Something for nothing” scam but in fact you get nothing for your money.

There’s lots of ways they can make money out of this – the simplest being to take your money and provide nothing but the more cunning ones do give you something, in order to get more from you.

Imagine you pay just a starter fee and in return get a list of winning bets to make each week. If you lose then tough luck but if you win, then you have to pay them 10%

Sounds like you can’t lose. Of course you can as it’s really only they who cannot lose.

The recommended bets are just random chance – you can do better on your own.

And paying them 10% if you win – is money for nothing.

No wonder they claim to make $120,000 – $160,00 per year. It’s from idiots who buy into their scheme where the only winners are the scammers.

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