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1 and 1 Ionos Email Scam

The Internet company 1 & 1 IONOS are a major player in email service, web hosting etc. They claim to be the largest hosting company in Europe.

Scammers know this and repeatedly send out emails trying to con people into keying in their IONOS login and password.

These phishing scams target people with IONOS accounts and they take many forms – the most common being a threat that your email will be discontinued unless you login to confirm your details.

This latest one is claims to be just checking the WHOIS data for your Internet domains. This is the information on domain ownership that is required by the domain registrar.

The registrar does send out such emails to confirm the details, but they always list the information and ask for a return message only if there is a mistake.

The scammers sending these fake messages claiming to be from IONOS do not know whether you own any domains so cannot list such information and the email is general e.g. “we believe you own domains and now have to verify as follows…”

These emails are generally well written, grammatically correct and even have a picture of someone supposed to be head of customer services.

1 and 1 IONOS started out in Germany and for some reason these fake emails have the message in English then repeated in German then pages of adverts for electronics and watches at impossibly low prices.

Weird and all fake.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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