Stupidest Spam of the Week German Spam

You have probably had spam messages claiming to be from the company “1 and 1” asking for your login and password, or telling you must confirm your email details or you need to change your payment method etc.

If you’re a website owner then you probably have heard of 1 and 1 as a web site hosting business, but otherwise it’s likely to be unknown.

These phishing emails are very common.

The latest one is in German which means the scammer is very lazy – sending German messages to a address is pretty dumb.

The German text is then hidden under pictures with English text on top. The pictures are about confirming your email address and there are dozens of links in the mail which point to www. rockersandmore .com which is obviously not the 1 and 1 company.

There is a section copied from genuine 1 and 1 emails, including a photo of the CEO.

Then some more German text followed by a picture of a picturesque German village then the message turns into a travel advert with lots of pictures and text about holiday homes available.

Perhaps the scammer also rents out holiday homes or maybe it’s just random content to fool the anti-spam filters at the email providers.


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