Time-Wasters Update

Yet another phishing email trying to get the radio station login and password. This one claims to be from Brooklands Radio Portal System and says our password has expired and needs to renewed by clicking on the link. But the email is from ki550354122321 which is not the radio station. Never click on such links.

For a while there were numerous HSBC phishing emails every day claiming that our account was going to be suspended unless we clicked a link to confirm it. Now they’ve changed to be the same emails but for TSB bank instead.  A pathetic scam.

Yippee I’ve won a £500 Ryanair voucher. On further reading it appears that I am one of three people of which one is guaranteed to have won the voucher. The email names the other two people which would be breaking data protection rules of course. But there is no voucher – it’s just a phishing message. If I click the link to accept then it asks for personal information – name, date of birth, address contact numbers etc. – all stuff the scammer can sell to other criminals. I wont be clicking any links.

Important – Your Account is Temporarily Under Review”. That’s an email from ‘Santander’ but is an obvious scam message as the sender is actually approvedoilservicesbranch.com which is clearly not Santander bank. The message tells me to click the link to have my account released. No thanks as it doesn’t exist.

‘Mrs Mavis’ wants to donate millions of dollars to 5 randomly chosen people. It specifies a donation code – as if it meant something.  With only 5 donations to give you don’t really need an eight digit donation code. Stupid scammer. The surname of Mrs Mavis is wanczyk and the sending email address is rack.bg so you can guess what was on that scammer’s mind.

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