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Regrow a Full Head of Hair in 24 days

Scammers seem to compete with each other in how ludicrous they make their claims.

Many offer magical ways to stop hair loss and regrow your hair.

This latest scammer goes the whole way and claims his scientifically proven method regrows your entire head of hair in 24 days or less.

Hair actually grows at a rate of about 0.3 mm per day so the idea of people taking his magical mineral supplement (“wake-up and see the difference every day”)  and watching their hair growing daily is very far-fetched.

Just in case anyone is worried – he also guarantees no side effects.

Probably true – you don’t get side effects when there is no such supplement in the first place.

If anyone actually had a way to regrow hair in dead follicles it would be world-wide news, but it hasn’t happened and is unlikely to ever do so.

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How Scammers Use Marketing

The radio station has been receiving emails about a cure for Tinnitus for months.

Lots and lots of these emails and interestingly they are not just copies from the same email address but show Marketing skills.

So, one day there were four such messages – all clearly from the same scammer.

But named as being from Krystal, Amanda Alexander, Jan Morris and Cliff Robertson.

Scammers don’t bother doing things one at a time so she will have software that generates random names, probably pairing up randomly from a list of first names and surnames.

Next day another four emails and this time from Emilia, Stanley Mayes, Gilbert and Nancy Clarke.

Third day from Sean Lewis, Orville Beck, Donald Hughes , Sylvia and Brooke.

And so on each day.

The email addresses these are actually from follows a pattern as a syllable then a hyphen then a syllable then .date as the suffix. E.g., This changes each day to make it harder for people to block the sender.

How about the actual contents of the messages?

These are well written i.e. no grammatical or spelling mistakes and neatly laid out on the page using colour, bold, underline and different fonts to present an attractive easily read message.

There are two basic messages


“Doctors usually said it was impossible, however once her ears were silenced and the ringing was gone they were stunned.

All she did was drink this and it went away fast.”

  1. For decades doctors believed tinnitus was an ear problem.

“They were wrong.

Studies performed at leading universities around the world revealed that tinnitus is actually a brain problem that destroys the auditory cortex.”

For all the effort this scammer puts into his messages, it’s a pity she cannot find a better way to earn a living than sending out dumb messages about tinnitus.

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How To Grow New Balancing Cells in Your Brain

This scam targets people with a weakened sense of balance. This normally means elderly people.

First of all – there is no such thing as balancing cells.

You learn at school that the semi-circular canals in your inner ear respond when n your head changes orientation and that information passes to the brain and you recognise that your head has changed position.

There are no secrets to this.

The email claims that “Scientists can’t explain why this insane method passes every lab trial…”.

It goes on to say that 856 Vertigo patients were tested and each of them had to eat this weird fruit every morning for 2 weeks.

Supposedly, the results were unbelievable and each participant had an increase of up to 97% in new balancing cells.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this outstanding breakthrough No?

That’s because it’s all made-up.

The scammer wants you to click a link to see proof.

It’s all ridiculous. There are established ways to treat people with recurrent dizziness or vertigo and eating so called ‘weird fruit isn’t going to do it.

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You Won’t Believe The Stupidity Of This Scam About a Magic Substance

Some scammers go to a lot of trouble to present a story, however ridiculous it is, in the hope you will believe it and want to know more.

Some others go for the opposite approach of starting a story but with no contents – leaving the reader to make up perhaps what they would like it to be about.

This latest one is titled “joke’s on them. The elite thought they had destroyed all of the evidence of this device”.

The sender’s email address is ‘Orgone Motor’ so perhaps the sender read about Wilhelm Reich and his theories of orgone energy or more likely the sender just thought it was a good word to use regardless of any historical meaning it might have.

Any theories about orgone have long since been discredited as ravings as Reich mixed up all sorts of ideas prevalent in the early 20th century.

The point of the email is to get people to click to watch a video – as that will be how the scammer makes money.

The message does not say anything about what the machine does or how it works, just that the inventor once tried to send a piece of it out of state and was immediately sentenced to 2 years in jail.

Everyone knows there’s nothing immediate about the legal system, so that’s as made up as the rest of the story.

All rubbish, to be ignored. Never click to watch videos unless you know wat they are and who sent you the link.

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Would You Believe the Joint Pain Secret?

This is another typical fantasy health cure offered by a greedy scammer.

“The real core cause of joint pain, chronic arthritis, stiffness and bone problems… but it’s not looking pretty.”

“The real reason why your joints hurt like hell is deep hidden inside a core area of your body, but it’s not your arms or legs….”

So, some ‘crazy’ doctors have supposedly found a secret place inside the body and it causes all the problems to do with your joints.

Perhaps the scammer has been playing ‘Operation’ game too much and thinks she’s found something that real doctors don’t know about.

The scammer claims to have found the real cause of joint pains, so now she can offer the world a magic cure, but she also warns that ‘pharmaceutical conglomerates’ are threatening to imprison her to stop her spreading the truth.

Some people like conspiracy theories but surely no-one in their right mind would believe this level of rubbish?

Finally she says that ‘This is helping 3,419 men and women every day stop their pain’.

If there was anything genuine in this then the whole world would be very eager to see it. Of course it doesn’t exist – only a greedy stupid scammer.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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