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Stupidest Spam of the Week Breakfast Trick

The message claims to be from “Dead Metabolism”. That’s not a subtle start.

It begins with “Before you eat breakfast do this ONE shockingly simple “morning trigger” to activate and turbocharge your dead metabolism…..  It takes just 10 seconds of your time.”

So, it’s another common scam with some magical means of almost instant weight loss.

“Penelope does it every morning and has dropped 49lbs..”

“Nicholas lost 45lbs with this bizarre trigger and no dieting or exercise..”

“Verity lost 33lbs in time for her wedding day..”

“This metabolism turbo-boosting was previously known ONLY to the inhabitants of a small island in the Indian Ocean, but now it’s possible for YOU to see too”.

That’s the usual fantasy stuff intended to convince the reader that it works.

The second half of the email has a page of text copied from a history of British Columbia.

British Columbia’s political history is typified by scandal and a cast of colourful characters, beginning with various colonial-era land scandals and abuses of power by early officials (such as those that led to McGowan’s War in 1858–59). Notable scandals in Social years included the Robert Bonner Affair and the Fantasy Gardens scandal which forced Premier Bill Vander Zalm to resign and ended the Social era. NDP scandals included Bingogate, which brought down NDP Premier Mike Harcourt, and the alleged scandal named gate which drove NDP Premier Glen Clark to resign. A variety of scandals

Scammers add this kind of text to try to get past the email providers scanning system that delete the most obvious scam and spam messages

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Stupidest Spam of the Week Alcoholic Weight Loss

There are vast numbers of scammers targeting weight loss.

The Western world in particular has many millions of people desperate to lose weight and the standard methods of eat less and exercise more are hard work, so is there an easier alternative?

The scammers offer magic ingredients from the Himalayas, secret mystical rituals, long lost remedies, tricks using water or other household items and more ridiculous methods.

Plus of course there are the conspiracy theorists who claim it’s the government fault for adding something to the water to make everyone fat and denying that the proposed magic remedies work and so on.

It’s all pathetic lies from greedy scammers after your money.

As is this message “More than 12,000 overweight people have been able to supercharge their metabolism by a whopping 470%…  All thanks to a popular alcoholic drink.”

The scammer claims this magic answer has been proved by 18 universities including Princeton.

It they had found any such thing, then it would have been newspaper headlines – but that hasn’t happened.

By the way, your metabolism generates heat to keep you warm., If your metabolism was supercharged by 470% you would very rapidly overheat and die. Not advised.

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Stupidest Spam of the Week Tinnitus Cure

Lots of scammers latch onto tinnitus as an illness suffered by large numbers of people and with no obvious cure in most cases.

So, they offer some magical instant remedy.

This latest one claims “Big Pharma and supplement producers don’t understand how this one researcher has finally figured out how to stop your tinnitus”.

“Doctors say this is the most important discovery of the century”.

You just have to watch a video to see the answer.

Obviously, if someone had discovered a magic answer to tinnitus, it would on the news, in the newspapers and everyone would know about it, rather than a scammer sending out mass emails to unknown people claiming an unknown magical effect invented by an army veteran.


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The American Natural Superfood Scam

There are hundreds if not thousands of health drinks on the market., containing every plant and fruit you’ve ever heard of and a lot of strange sounding stuff, promised to be a miracle health supplement.

One such drink making a lot of fuss recently is called American Natural Superfood.

This includes Pea protein, Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley, Wheat Grass, Probiotics, CoQ10, Organic Vegetables, Organic Fruits, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Acerola Cherry, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Cocoa Powder, Kelp, Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Digest Enzymes, Ginseng, Ginger, and Aloe Vera.

At least that what the label says and it’s about $60 per kilogram so it’s not cheap stuff.

The latest scam messages say


This is the typical fake shock headline which then leads into an explanation of the opposite.

It goes on


We have reserved one free sample of American Natural Superfood for everyone on our list

The problem is that people are ordering 3,4 or even 10 samples for friends and family.

So, we’re running out of samples quickly

Please go here before it’s too late and claim your free 3-day sample

If you don’t I’ll cancel your order and give it to someone else.

Some of the emails are just dumb Marketing and do have free samples (you pay enough for postage of course to cover the cost of the sample) but most are just phishing exercises.

I have no idea whether the product works or not, but if you are interested in a free sample then find the correct website – don’t click on a link in an email.

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Stupidest Spam of the Week Diabetes Pinch

Diabetes is a huge problem in the Western world and to a lesser degree in the developing nations.

There are no real cures but there are various treatments that help to reduce the problem and alleviate the side effects of having a too high blood sugar level.

The best advice for anyone with diabetes type II is to exercise more, lose weight and have a healthy diet.

Scammers take advantage of the frustration and desperation felt by many with life changing diabetes, who struggle to get to the ideal weight and have a healthy diet.

A latest such scam message includes a fake video clip and the usual scammer language.

e.g. “Learn The secret Pinch Method” – but then claims 190,00 people already use it, so not such a secret really.

“There is no doubt the $370 billion diabetes industry does not want you to see this”. But diabetes treatment sales in the years to 2020 were only around $25 billion per year so the scammer’s figure is made up.

“Watch the video now before Big Pharma takes it down”. No. Just the usual dose of conspiracy theory.

Sadly, there is no magic pinch that resets your blood sugar instantly. The body’s blood sugar management system is very complex and a simple pinch will have no effect.

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The Cellulite Cure

Email titled “Finally: You Can End the Embarrassment of Cellulite”

“Stop cellulite from running your life.”

“Naturally eliminate every single trace of cellulite from your entire body, permanently, in just 21 days.”

Then comes the supposed proof by listing quotes from satisfied customers, such as:-

“I jump out of bed each day with joy. I had never felt sexier in my entire life”

“The spark is definitely back in my marriage”

There is a link to click to watch a video which will reveal how a special protein can turn your cellulite skin silky smooth.

This is all just a scam of course.

There is no such protein.

The email is not from a medical establishment or a pharmaceutical company but from which is an Internet address intended to be used for downloading software or media etc.

And the last part of the email is the usual sections taken from a random book hoping to fool the Internet service provider spam filters.

It’s all rubbish.

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