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Stupidest Scam of the Week Magic Scales

There are endless diets on the market. Most are genuine in the sense that people believe in them although in most cases there is no meaningful scientific proof of effectiveness.

There is also a huge number of scam diets on the market – created simply to make money for the seller.

This latest scam offers for sale a scale that ‘definitely solves your weight problems’.

A device that tells you your weight is not going to solve an weight issues.

The message claims that the scale uses latest technology to track your weight over time. It’s controllable by Bluetooth from your phone and IOS and Android APPS.

It’s also claimed to be ultra modern design and available in a range of colours.

The message is from which is not the domain name for a reputable trader.

Maybe the scale exists and maybe it doesn’t – that doesn’t matter as a device that lists your weight over time may be of interest but is not capable of solving weight problems and surely anyone can see that and not be taken in by such rubbish?.

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Stupidest Scam of the Week Reverse High Blood Sugar

There are many scammers who use people’s fear of diabetes to get them to agree to stupid offers.

The email title is “The two worst lies that your doctor tells”.

This is a standard scammer’s appeal to the idea of conspiracies, which seems to work best in the USA.

Then “This man’s blood sugar went from 1,200 to 120 in a matter of weeks”.

There are no units listed with the numbers, so the numbers are meaningless and it’s obvious that a blood sugar that drops by 90% is wrong.  The numbers appear to be just random numbers that the scammer thinks look good.

Next the scammer claims this method will cure diabetes entirely in a short time and doesn’t require any drugs or even diet improvements.

Can you imagine someone living on a high fat high sugar diet but with perfect health – pass the mars bars in batter and the deep-fried pizza to go with the buckets of ice cream and donuts.

No thanks.

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Stupidest Scam of the Week Free Dangerous Dog Food

There are endless scam emails, social media posts and websites telling you about ‘the one food you must never eat’, or ‘the three foods that are killing you’,  or ‘this weird trick that will extend your life for decades’ etc.

Perhaps the market is saturated with this kind of drivel and scammers are looking for new markets to attract gullible people willing to part with their money for just a dumb promise.

Now, scammers are trying to extend this rubbish to pets.

“Your dog’s food may be shortening their life”.

Most dog parents have no idea these ingredients are so harmful”.

 “A leading veterinarian has exposed the Dog Health Destroyers hiding in their food”.

“ One simple trick that can make your dog thrive”.

These statements are copied from similar messages about human health and the message is from bettercablesky which is obviously an email address used previously for other purposes by the scammer.

Never believe this kind of stuff, whether it applies to humans or animals.

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The Cure for Drunkenness

People have been inventing cures for drunkenness probably since alcohol became such a public nuisance a long time ago.

The best cure of course is don’t get drunk in the first place as it’s expensive, damaging to your liver and can lead to stupid behaviour and possibly even dangerous behaviour.

Supposed cures do go back a long way as Martin Fone found out researching his book Fifty Scams and Hoaxes with his story of Antidipso.  (links)

Arthur Pointing, born in 1868, claimed to have found a remedy to cure drunkenness and called it called Antidipso,  made from South American herbs.

He advertised his product to women. “Drunkenness cured. It is now with the reach of every woman  to save the drunkard”.

This miracle cure could be administered in tea, coffee or food without the patient’s knowledge thus secretly curing him.

Pointing sold this product for years and made a fortune, but when analysed there were no South American herbs – just milk, sugar and bromide which can make someone ill if taken with alcohol. But there’s certainly no long term remedy.

There have always been scammers.

Martin’s blog and links for purchasing his book are at

If you have any experiences with scammers, spammers or time-waster do let me know, by email.

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