Sea Salt Stupidity

When you go in the supermarket nowadays you’re likely to see plenty of different brands of table salt and sea salt and various ‘fancy’ salts.

We all know that salt is a food preservative and flavour enhancer so almost everything you eat will have some salt in naturally or that’s been added.

This latest scammer is trying to stir up worries over salt – to further her aim of making money at your expense of course.

Some basic facts

  1. Table salt is the chemical sodium chloride and is perfectly natural and essential in minute quantities for a healthy life
  2. Table salt can be dug out of the ground in some places in salt bearing rocks, ground down, purified and you have salt to sell.
  3. Sea salt is the salts that are in sea water. This is usually made by collecting sea water in large pans and letting the sun dry them out to leave the salt residue.
  4. Sea salt is almost entirely sodium chloride (I.e. the same as table salt) but with some added other salts such as potassium chloride. This is generally considered to be healthier than pure table salt as the potassium in particular is beneficial for health in small doses.

The scammers message starts with supposed facts to frighten people, including

  • Morton’s Salt makes salt for chemical processes such as producing plastics, but 6% of their production becomes table salt
  • Most sea salts are as bad as table salt as the refining processes strips way “missing things”
  • “The belief that a low salt diet can prevent heart disease – is false”

The scammer is trying to get you to watch a video clip.

That’s all this is about – frightening people into watching a pointless video clip for which she gets paid.

Don’t worry about types of salt etc. just make sure you stick to the government recommended limit on salt intake.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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