Clear Vison in 7 Seconds

Medical experts are stunned by this Nobel-prize winning vision secret…” claims the email.

Of course, there is no secret and certainly no Nobel prize for scammers.

Novel prizes are awarded years after the discovery or experiment occurred and are known world wide – so how can something be a huge secret that will ‘destroy the foundation of the eyecare industry’ yet also be known around the world.

I didn’t notice the world’s eyecare industry collapsing over the last few years – did you?

In fact, even folks who were once legally blind are now seeing in crystal clear HD vision”.

Seems there’s nothing this scammer wont claim.

HD Vision is a term from the world of computer screens and TVs – there’s no such thing as HD vision in humans except in the mind of a very stupid scammer.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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