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The Diabetes Tree

This is another of the supposed magical diabetes cure scams.

It’s somewhat more dramatic than most e.g. “They were scheduled to saw off Kelsey’s leg in a matter of days”.

Her doctors worried a coma was next

And so on.

But the star of the story travelled to Arizona to a house he had never seen and there in the backyard was a non-descript little tree.

You can see this is written like a fairy story, but by an idiot.

The story continues “But the man soon discovered the tree was extremely rare and that people in India have used its properties for thousands of years to cure diabetes”.

In fact, India has a very high rate of diabetes so the country is not a good example of where to look for a cure for diabetes.

Finally, the scammer claims that more than 20,000 American have been cured by this tree’s bark – but also that it’s a secret.

If I wanted to keep something secret – I wouldn’t tell 20,000 people about it.

It’s all pathetic.

Never trust magical remedies and strange things found by ‘ordinary’ folks. Trust your doctor instead.

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Stupidest Scam or Spam of the Week Mega Anti-Oxidant

5000 times stronger than vitamins A, C and E combined” is a scammer’s tagline.

Vitamins are naturally occurring and we need certain amounts of them to make our bodies run efficiently.

Lots of people have health issues that can be helped by ensuring adequate vitamins in their food and some people just p=have poor diets so need vitamin supplements.

However all vitamins can be harmful in large quantities

e.g. taking as little 5 times the recommended amount of vitamin A can lead to liver damage, bone loss, hair loss and more. Taking several times the recommended does of vitamin E increases the chances of stroke and death.

Even relatively safe vitamin C can cause medical problems if over dosed.

So, something 5000 times stronger than vitamins A, C and E combined would absolutely be lethal.

The scammer also claims that this new ‘nutrient’ will rewind time on your cells to make you younger again.

The scam is a mixture of misunderstood science and fantasy and a lot of exaggeration.

Never never trust unsolicited emails offering a magic remedy – they are either non-existent or potentially dangerous.

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What is Jesus Oil?

There are a variety of scams claiming secret knowledge from the Bible to heal ailments and one of the most common is “Jesus Oil” or “The Oil of God”..

The emails claim that Jesus used a special type of cannabis oil, known as Kaneh-bosm, to cure various debilitating illnesses.

There isn’t really any secret in this as for thousands of years people all over the world have used plant based medicines including sometimes extracting oil to make a more concentred form of the medicine. This process is far more advanced nowadays but essential oils are still extracted by the same though more sophisticated  version of the method.

These oils and their various chemical components have been known to science for a long time and some are the active ingredients in modern medicine. Some are anti-bacterial such as Cypress and such are inflammatory or pain relievers such as Frankincense and Juniper and so on.

What the scammers are actually selling is  either their own poor quality version of the medicinal oils or often nothing – you pay and receive nothing.

Before buying any such products – do always check on their effectiveness and don’t be swayed by claims of Godlike powers, Jesus or other religious connections.

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How Come Celebrities Stay So Skinny?

One of the country’s top addiction specialists just shared a shocking secret with the public”.

That’s the tagline to get you interested in the scam email.

It goes on about a single hormone causing addiction, but that no-one ever talks about.

“This secret has nothing to do with drugs”.

“And while no-one in weight loss ever talks about it”.

This is just the scammer’s fantasy.

Then the sales pitch is that a specialist has found a way to silence the craving hormone, leading to some “shocking” results e.g. a woman who lost 52 pounds.

The scammer invoked the idea of celebrities in the email title so goes on to state that celebrities learn this secret by paying tens of thousands of dollars – but you can know it now by clicking the link below.

It’s all rubbish of course – there are endless fat celebrities even though the industry of celebrity tries to push them to be skinny and those that are skinny typically make money by publishing their diet tips etc.

Just another pathetic scammer.

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White Powder Supercharges Your Morning

This scam email is in the form of a story.

A story of how taking a drink each morning of a special white powder with water will turn your day into an energy filled wonder.

The magic stuff is on sale for just one penny per bag currently but only to special customers like me.

Further on in the story the powder is described as being unrefined sea salt, which makes no sense as sea salt is refined from sea water – that’s how you get the stuff.

The story goes on about how everyone is lacking salt and that causes anxiety and fatigue and wears out your kidneys and so on – but it’s just general meaningless drivel.

In fact, most people in advanced countries eat too much salt and that is a big contributor to high blood pressure and kidney damage.

The scammer has no samples – she just wants you to pay one penny so she gets your payment card details and then steal more from you or sell those details to other scammers.


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How to Stop Brain Death

Many scammers target obvious health problems such as dementia, obesity, pain, diabetes, cancer etc.

This latest one mixes and matches.

How did a cute baby get 80 year old Jean out of a nursing home”.

“This brain trick made her lose 68 pounds”.

“Increase your memory by 90%”.

So, the scam is a mix of weight loss and memory restoration and a cure for ‘brain death’ whatever that is in the scammer’s mind.

She claims that a bizarre 10 second ritual after dinner every night will provide the magic answer to weight loss with no effort, a 90% memory improvement and fighting off brain death.

That’s an odd mix and obviously complete rubbish.

Just to top it off she calls this a “godsend”. Whoever’s God you believe it – it is unlikely to be bothered about magic weight loss unless it the God of scammers.

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