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Reiki Energy Healing Scam

Reiki is an ancient Japanese art of energy healing.

It is quite common in the West nowadays. It’s quite easy and cheap to learn and very relaxing to practice. For many it does work, but that’s not to say that it works for everyone though.

Reiki is taught by various Reiki schools across the UK and is usually taught over a weekend some bookwork but mostly hands on practice and exercises.

However, it is like many ancient arts something that must be taught by a person face to face not through a bunch of PDF documents on the Internet.  You cannot learn energy healing from a PDF – you need a person in front of you to demonstrate and to know whether you’re doing it right or need further guidance.

There are numerous lazy stupid people – scammers and spammers who will jump on any new thing and try to make money from it for their own benefit and so is the case with Reiki.

A recent email titled “Hollywood Crazy Over This New Esoteric Practice”

Trying to sell this by use of celebrity endorsements is ridiculous – Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock use Reiki according to the email. Plus Phil Mickelson the golfer, Doctor Oz and more.

Top sports people like Phil Mickelson maybe add a little credibility to the story (his name was probably picked at random by the scammer) but actors – they are not generally seen as the most level headed or intelligent types so why should anyone believe a product is good because of a celebrity endorsement?

If you want to learn Reiki – contact a Reiki school and learn properly and do not be conned by the scammers and spammers sending out millions of pathetic emails.

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Mental Superpowers

This email is titled “In Just 2 Weeks You Can Have a Mind of a Million Dollar Jeopardy Champion

So, it’s obviously a ridiculous scam.

Then it goes on “Have you seen the film Lucy?”

I have seen the film and it’s very good – the star takes a drug and it unleashes hidden powers in her mind, but it is of course pure science-fiction.

The scammer wants us to associate that idea of mental growth with what he’s offering which is a “top-secret and highly controversial brain training trick” created by a 104 year old ‘off the grid’ professor that has been proven to unlock hidden brain power and effortlessly improve memory, focus and concentration in as little as 14 days.

It also claims to protect against Alzheimer’s.

Then comes the warning part of the scam, to demonstrate its validity.

It’s shown to be so powerful that high IQ organisations like Mensa have banned their members from using it

Now, my super power brain powers tell me this is just a pathetic scam.

Lucy was a good film but pure science fiction and no-one should believe such rubbish as a trick that unlocks “hidden brain powers”.

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Stupidest Spam of the Week Magic Sounds

Listen to one sound for 60 seconds and you will have all the abundance you want in your life.

Yeah! Right!

As if some magic sound can instantly manifest all the wealth, love, perfect health and happiness you can imagine.

The explanation for this in the email is that

Your history teachers LIED…

Our beloved ancestors were not primitive. Far from it. 

The mystics and shamans and medicine women of times past held the secret of a sacred healing sound”

“In just 60 seconds, manifesting your every wish becomes so simple and so quick”

This fantasy continues as the scammer clearly got carried away with her writing.

So, if people in the past had this magical power – how come their life expectancy was decades less than ours now, massive numbers died of smallpox, cholera and a wide range of diseases now only known in textbooks, few could read or write and most lived under Feudal law where they basically had no rights.

The email ends with a reminder that for hundreds of years powerful forces in the Vatican and governments around the world have kept this secret buried.

Pathetic and sad to think that anyone could conceivably fall for this utter rubbish.

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Stupidest Spam of the Week Fountain of Youth

I think this scammer must have been watching an old movie such as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or maybe an old book.

The email title is “The Truth About the Fat Burning Fountain of Youth”.

They do like to be dramatic in their claims to attract attention, although you would expect that to turn off anyone with more than 2 brain cells.

So, the email goes on to claim that a simple 2 minute ritual at bedtime will shrink fat away and reverse aging.

Hhmm – see what I mean about that movie.

Then it gives examples such as John who melted away 54 pounds of belly fat in no time.

No supplement or diet can possibly target fat in one place on the body – it just doesn’t work like that. You gain fat overall and you lose fat overall.

The fountain of youth is a nice fable and so is the idea of losing fat with no effort – but they only exist in stories. Real life is much harder.

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Stupidest Spam of the Week Magic Vision

“Scientists: Vision Problems Have Nothing To Do With Your Eyes”.

This is a typical scammer headline on an email. It’s designed to catch your attention, so you read the message.

There is a colourful graphic of a brain, which looks good but shows nothing of any value.

Then some more dramatic statements

Even brain doctors were left in complete awe…”

“They just couldn’t believe vision problems has absolutely nothing to do with the eyes”.

“Vision problems are a symptom of another hidden condition”.

It’s obviously rubbish, as anyone who wears glasses to correct their eyesight can tell you their vision problem is definitely their eyes and that’s why glasses work. If the problem was not their eyes then glasses would have no effect.

So how can anyone with more than two brain cells be pulled into this pathetic scam?

That’s the only mystery.

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– Stupidest Spam of the Week Dracula’s Secret

There are endless scam messages selling herbal remedies that don’t really exist, magic elixirs that cure all common ailments and long forgotten remedies that cure cancer, diabetes and other long term potentially fatal health problems.

This latest one seems to have been written by an idiot.

“If you want to prevent or stop dementia and memory problems, then try this delicious breakfast drink”.

It will reduce your risk of dementia by 86%”.

So far so far common to many of these scams, then comes the kicker.

This secret and many more were in a secret manuscript locked up in the Vatican and it is Dracula’s Royal Secret”. “It must be God sent”. “Solves your memory problems in days”.


No. I don’t think so.

Just rubbish for really really stupid people.

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