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Stupidest Scam of the Week – Magic Bacteria

An email complete with pictures and a video clip tries to sell the idea that swallowing a lot of newly discovered bacteria will solve all of your teeth problems.

It supposedly fixes dental decay, cavities, bad breath, bleeding gums, teeth rot and anything you can think of to do with your teeth.

Something new that can help with one problem may be interesting but so many scammers feel they have to keep going – inventing more and more things their fantasy magic can fix.

Makes your teeth 20x stronger than before’ but also says that the bacteria help to reconstruct the original enamel on your teeth which would make them as strong as before, so a big difference there between as strong as before and 20x stronger than before.

‘Like a titanium shield against cavities and root infection’

‘some say their teeth are stronger than a dental implant’

Quite ridiculous.

There is no such bacteria and even if bacteria were discovered that can help to regrow the enamel layer on your teeth, swallowing them would be pretty stupid, as described in the email, as your teeth are in your mouth and not your stomach.

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