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The Electricity Scam

This is about people who turn up on your doorstep offering cut price electricity for those who have pre-payment meters.

Users of these meters buy keys to top-up their meter and scammers can clone the keys and then resell them. They typically offer the keys at half price so the householder thinks they are getting a good deal. However the scammers often sell the same key to numerous people and each key number can only be used once so the purchasers end up paying for the cloned key then again the full price for the electricity as the Electric companies register that the key has already been used and hence payment is due.

Action Fraud believe that more than 110,000 households have been affected by this crime already.

Customers of all the leading energy companies – including British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE – have been affected.

  • Never buy your electricity from someone who knocks at your door. Electricity companies do not sell electricity top-up door-to-door.
  • Always buy your electricity from official outlets – PayPoint, Payzone and The Post Office.

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