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Stupidest Spam of the Week Diabetes Pinch

Diabetes is a huge problem in the Western world and to a lesser degree in the developing nations.

There are no real cures but there are various treatments that help to reduce the problem and alleviate the side effects of having a too high blood sugar level.

The best advice for anyone with diabetes type II is to exercise more, lose weight and have a healthy diet.

Scammers take advantage of the frustration and desperation felt by many with life changing diabetes, who struggle to get to the ideal weight and have a healthy diet.

A latest such scam message includes a fake video clip and the usual scammer language.

e.g. “Learn The secret Pinch Method” – but then claims 190,00 people already use it, so not such a secret really.

“There is no doubt the $370 billion diabetes industry does not want you to see this”. But diabetes treatment sales in the years to 2020 were only around $25 billion per year so the scammer’s figure is made up.

“Watch the video now before Big Pharma takes it down”. No. Just the usual dose of conspiracy theory.

Sadly, there is no magic pinch that resets your blood sugar instantly. The body’s blood sugar management system is very complex and a simple pinch will have no effect.

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Time-Wasters Update

WHOIS final warning for email account shutdown” is yet another phishing email trying to get our login and password details. Never click on links in such emails – check with your email provider if you’re not sure whether it’s a scam or not.

Georgia Quinn emails to tell me that my gift is waiting for me. I simply need to confirm my name and address. The gift is apparently free cakes. The email sender appears to work for a company called Lead Forensics. That is a real company and is nothing to do with crime investigation. Their tagline is “Lead Forensics is the software that reveals the identity of your anonymous website visitors”.  On the Internet, many people choose to be anonymous (i.e. not login or register on websites) so they don’t get pestered by spammers and scammers, but Lead Forensics see their mission as being to remove that anonymity and make sure those people are pestered by unwanted emails and calls. We don’t know if the cakes are real or just a lie to get people to send in their details.  Don’t reply.

Reverse Alzheimer’s in 3 minutes a day”. It’s sad that scammers go after people suffering from Alzheimer’s but there are many scams targeting them. This one claims that scientists have found the secret of how memories are stored and how to restore them. If there was any such breakthrough we would all know about it and not need scammers to inform people. The email even includes pictures supposed to prove the cure but of course they don’t prove anything except that the scammer can copy and paste pictures.

Another scam message and this claims that you follow an at home trick before bed and you are guaranteed to wake up with insane energy. Scammers always promise far too much to be anything but fake. Pathetic.

Scientists from Harvard and Johns Hopkins have revealed there’s a nasty mistake most diabetics are making every single night”. Lots of scammers target diabetics as it’s very common problem and the only real answers involve weight loss and exercise. There are no magic pills to take diabetes away, so scammers invent magic potions, exercises and ‘weird’ rituals to entice people. This scammer keeps the supposed answer secret and instead lists lots of things that are proven not to work and claims his secret is different to them all. There are scientists at Harvard working on research on diabetes but their results are published for anyone to read and they do not have any magic answers as yet – or the entire world would know about it.

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