Stupidest Scam of the Week Raspberries

Another magic way to remove all unwanted belly fat and achieve effortless weight loss without any need to diet.

This one uses raspberries.

Humans have been eating raspberries for a very long time and no-one has ever believed they cause massive almost instantaneous weight loss till this scammer “Coach Travis” came along.

“It can torch unwanted fat overnight”

“Lose 10 pounds in 10 days”

“Lose that weight no matter what your diet is”

To get this magic effect you just have to eat a quarter bowl of raspberries then do the magic ritual.

The scammer of course sells access to that magic ritual that supposedly makes all the difference.

You can just imagine a scammer sitting at her PC enjoying a bowl of raspberries thinking how can I convince people to believe my ridiculous story about raspberries then realising that she couldn’t be bothered and would send out the rubbish message as it was.


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