Is Your Brain leaky?

This is a recently popular scam topic which tries to convince everybody they have a leaky brain and ned help in fixing that leak.

Researchers at the University of Southern California  recently discovered leaky brain”

“If you’re over 30 then it’s 99% likely you have a leaky brain”.

That is a made-up statistic as there is no such thing as leaky brain despite some pill pushing scammers trying to make people believe it’s real.

 To make people believe they have such a problem, the emails list common symptoms such as forgetting where your glasses are or losing your wallet or forgetting appointments.

These are a normal part of life and not leaky brains.

There is supposedly lots of science behind this claim, but it’s rubbish – the science referred to is about rats with specific problems and does not apply to humans in any way.

Ignore this rubbish.

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