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How Come Celebrities Stay So Skinny?

One of the country’s top addiction specialists just shared a shocking secret with the public”.

That’s the tagline to get you interested in the scam email.

It goes on about a single hormone causing addiction, but that no-one ever talks about.

“This secret has nothing to do with drugs”.

“And while no-one in weight loss ever talks about it”.

This is just the scammer’s fantasy.

Then the sales pitch is that a specialist has found a way to silence the craving hormone, leading to some “shocking” results e.g. a woman who lost 52 pounds.

The scammer invoked the idea of celebrities in the email title so goes on to state that celebrities learn this secret by paying tens of thousands of dollars – but you can know it now by clicking the link below.

It’s all rubbish of course – there are endless fat celebrities even though the industry of celebrity tries to push them to be skinny and those that are skinny typically make money by publishing their diet tips etc.

Just another pathetic scammer.

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