What is Jesus Oil?

There are a variety of scams claiming secret knowledge from the Bible to heal ailments and one of the most common is “Jesus Oil” or “The Oil of God”..

The emails claim that Jesus used a special type of cannabis oil, known as Kaneh-bosm, to cure various debilitating illnesses.

There isn’t really any secret in this as for thousands of years people all over the world have used plant based medicines including sometimes extracting oil to make a more concentred form of the medicine. This process is far more advanced nowadays but essential oils are still extracted by the same though more sophisticated  version of the method.

These oils and their various chemical components have been known to science for a long time and some are the active ingredients in modern medicine. Some are anti-bacterial such as Cypress and such are inflammatory or pain relievers such as Frankincense and Juniper and so on.

What the scammers are actually selling is  either their own poor quality version of the medicinal oils or often nothing – you pay and receive nothing.

Before buying any such products – do always check on their effectiveness and don’t be swayed by claims of Godlike powers, Jesus or other religious connections.

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