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Magic Diet Powder

How would you like a magic powder that you simply sprinkle on your food and it increases the smell and taste so much that you eat much less food?

It’s an interesting idea – would super tasty food make you eat less of it?

I’d think that’s a no. You’d eat more because it was so tasty. We all want to eat food we enjoy, so this ‘product’ which doesn’t actually exist would likely backfire and make you fatter than ever.

The claim is “Yep – no dieting or exercise needed” – just the magic powder which of course has a high price.

With U.S. sales of more than $364 million between 2008 and 2012, Sensa Products LLC claimed sprinkling Sensa on meals would make “users feel full faster, so they eat less and lose weight without dieting, and without changing their exercise regimen.” It promised the loss of 30 pounds.

Sensa Products, parent company Sensa Inc., Sensa Inc.’s former CEO Adam Goldenberg and Dr. Alan Hirsch were ordered to pay $26.5 million as part of a $46.5 million judgment.

Sensa powder, which came in 12 flavors, was sold at chains including Costco and GNC, touted in a promotional book by Hirsch, and was advertised on the Home Shopping Network, on the radio and in magazines.

A one-month supply was $59 plus shipping and handling. Hirsch gave expert endorsements that were not supported by scientific evidence while some consumers were paid $1,000 or $5,000 and given trips to Los Angeles for endorsing Sensa.

That is terrible.

Sensa Powder is off the market but beware copycats using the same Marketing for another impossible product.

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Spoofing Website Closed

The website sold a subscription service to criminals.

The service allowed the scammers to make their phone calls appear as if from a number set by the scammer.

For example, you get a call from British Gas asking for a late payment and when you check – the caller’s number appears to be one of the British Gas authorised numbers.

But it’s been faked.

This is called spoofing.

Fifty nine thousand criminals signed up for the service (costing up to £5,000) and it is estimated they have conned around 200,000 people with help from the website.

Scotland Yard, the FBI and European law enforcement agencies teamed up to investigate.

The suspected mastermind behind the website is Teejay Fletcher and he is in custody, awaiting trial.

The victims were largely in the UK and America but some across Europe and Australia.

The website has been shutdown and the service stopped and in time those responsible will be sentenced for their crimes.

However, more and more of these operations need cooperation from law enforcement across multiple countries as the Internet respects no boundaries and certainly the criminals don’t.

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