The TeslaCoin Scam

There is a crypto currency exchange called TeslaCoin.

Started by Elon Musk or anything to do with him?

NO! Not officially – it’s a name chosen to benefit from association with Elon Musk and the Tesla car company.

Scammers tell you Teslacoin is going to be worth a fortune and you just need to invest $250 to start with them.

But it’s not actually a crypto currency – it’s an exchange where you can buy and sell crypto currencies.

Is it a good investment?

You’ll have to make your own mind up on that – as some people make a fortune in crypto currencies and others lose a fortune.

It’s a risky game.

But don’t get caught out believing TeslaCoin is guaranteed to succeed because of Elon Musk – not true.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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