The Electricity Scam

This is about people who turn up on your doorstep offering cut price electricity for those who have pre-payment meters.

Users of these meters buy keys to top-up their meter and scammers can clone the keys and then resell them. They typically offer the keys at half price so the householder thinks they are getting a good deal. However the scammers often sell the same key to numerous people and each key number can only be used once so the purchasers end up paying for the cloned key then again the full price for the electricity as the Electric companies register that the key has already been used and hence payment is due.

Action Fraud believe that more than 110,000 households have been affected by this crime already.

Customers of all the leading energy companies – including British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE – have been affected.

  • Never buy your electricity from someone who knocks at your door. Electricity companies do not sell electricity top-up door-to-door.
  • Always buy your electricity from official outlets – PayPoint, Payzone and The Post Office.

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Fightback Nan

The Daily Scam is a great web site run by three guys in America who became sick of the flood of scam emails, texts and phone calls that invade our lives.

One lady who contacted them (they call her Nan) tells of her attempts to waste the scammers time and hand the scammers details over to the Police. This is one of her exploits (reproduced with permission from The Daily Scam).

Nan was burned once by a scammer last year and she is once burned, twice shy.  Nan now prides herself as a scam-hunter and we’re proud of her! Rather than cancel her accounts through which she has been targeted by scammers, Nan lies in wait, excited when she recognizes the tell-tale signs of a scam. She’s learned the hard way and now puts that knowledge to good use. Nan has been contacted several times through her account by what she has come to recognize as the advance check scam.   Advance-check scams are very common and Nan tells us that the scammers can bring it on.

Email To: Nan from “James Abott / Ato Jina”

Hi, You will receive the Assignment Package today. Kindly follow the instruction letter enclosed and complete the Assignment immediately. I will be looking forward to hear from you. Please reply

Nan received a United States Postal Service 2-day priority mail envelope from a business identified as Moving Right Along, located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. There is a real business with this name and address but not in Florida. It is located in Ozone Park, New York!

The envelope that “ato jino” sent to Nan contained the following instructions on stationary from “Clear Lake Regional Medical Center.” 

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is the First Assignment Package as discussed in our previous conversation.

*You will have to cash/deposit the cashier’s check ($1646.71) at your bank today

*The funds should be available in your bank account same day or next day [THIS IS A LIE! MOST BANKS REQUIRE 3-7 DAYS, depending on several factors including if a deposit is made on a weekend or holiday, and make take 5-7 days before determining that a check is fraudulent.]

*Deduct $350 as your weekly wages and another $100 for Moneygram sending fee and Gas

To send the remaining funds $1196) to the Hospital Cashier that would be taking care of the Medication of the Client.

Below is the information of the Company Cashier:

Name: Felix Starks / Address: 3500 Hemphill St, City: Fort Worth State: Texas

Zip Code: 76110…………………………Please send $1196 here via MONEYGRAM

*Kindly send the eight digits Moneygram Reference Number of the transaction above after the transaction has been completed to my e-mail

Yours sincerely
Dr. James Abbott

From: Nan
Date: Jan 5, 2017 12:52 PM
Subject: Re: Hi
To: “ato jino” <>

OK I’ve reported you to the authorities.. thanks for another scam!! I’ve already now turned in 10 people! You will be caught for what you are doing. You are a criminal and shame on you!!

Nan says that she has played the scammers several times now.  As she has told us… “I love catching these scam artists in the act. It’s literally a high because I’m stopping them from scamming innocent people. Just being able to help is amazing to me.”

What did Nan accomplish? A lot actually. She wasted the scammer’s time and money, and put him at risk by exposing the fraud. By informing the bank and the authorities, she made it much harder to use the bogus checks pretending to be this bank.  But most importantly, she played them much like the way they play others. And so, to Nan, we say thank you! You are truly a crusader and we salute you

For more details on Nan’s scambaiting go to

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Are You Prepared for Security Incidents

  1. How well prepared are you to respond to a cyber security incident?
  • Do you have plans in place to respond to, and recover from, the most likely scenarios?
  • Have you practised your response to such incidents, including at senior management level?
  • Do you have the relevant expertise within the business or access to external sources with that expertise?
  • Do you have experts on call and ready to respond to a cyber incident?
  • Will the company be able to keep running in the aftermath of a serious cyber attack?

Cyber attacks are increasingly common and it’s not just large companies at risk, but businesses of all sizes.

Large businesses may have all the requisite controls necessary to deal with a cyber disruption, yet businesses of all sizes are at risk.  Get the protection and planning you need.

Average Investment in Cyber Security 2017/2018

  Micro/Small Businesses Medium Businesses Large Businesses
Mean Spend per year £2,220 £41,600 £149,000
Median Spend Per Year £152 £5,190 £24,700

You can see the difference in average spending on cyber security and this is reflected in the level of preparedness for cyber incidents by these various sized businesses. Charities spent significantly less than commercial business in all three size categories.

Whatever size your business and whatever it’s business, make sure you spend enough to ensure you are able to deal with cyber attacks and recover from them as too many businesses fold within months of such an attack.

The nature of your business may determine the dangers involved with online data and services and also the level of protection needed.

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How Real are Pictures on Instagram

Would you take pictures inside someone else’s home then put the pictures on Instagram and claim it’s your house?

A recent survey showed that one in six of us have done just that – posted pictures of other people’s better homes and pretended it’s ours.

More than a quarter of the 2,000 people polled at the Ideal Home Show admitted to being so envious of images of friends’ properties on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, that it made them miserable.

How Real are the Pictures?

The vast majority of the photos on Instagram are genuine in that there is a real object being photographed but a significant minority are created by Photoshop type techniques or are amended so much so as to provide an unrealistic image.

Instagram permeates all walks of modern life, and many of you may be familiar with the fine art of employing just the right photographic filter to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

However, many of the photographs are deliberately deceptive so as to give a more positive image of the picture taker. This can be through the use of filters, Photoshop removal of blemishes or even of unwanted people in the pictures.

Don’t base decisions or your moods on photos on Instagram as they may very well be fake.

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