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Time-Wasters Update

If there was a small tweak you could make in your daily routine that would make you drop 3 dress sizes in one week, wouldn’t you want to know it? Well?” . Quite an opening line in the sales pitch but obviously lies. The maximum weight loss possible in one week due to complete starvation is about 4 kilos and that’s only possible with a great deal of exercise on top of the starvation so anything promising you can lose 15 pounds in a week with no effort is lies.  

Get rid of Arthritis in 21 days”. That’s the claim in a latest set of scam emails.  Arthritis is a set of complex debilitating joint problems – some of which can be alleviated with anti-inflammatories and/or painkillers and some require more specialist help or surgery. But there are no magic answers – e.g. you cannot fix a problem of worn out damaged knee cartilage with 21 days of anything.

Oh dear! My Yahoo account has been marked for immediate shutdown due to non-verification unless I click a link to verify within the next 24 hours.  The message is from asadimohammedreza @yamil.com which is obviously not Yahoo mail, just some dumb criminal.

An email tells me I can make $3,000 from home per day with little effort. If it was true there would be millions if not billions of people wanting to take the opportunity, but of course it’s a lie.  Sadly, over 95% of Work at Home offers are fake.

Big News! Scientists have discovered that 93% of all skin problems have one cause and you counteract this within 2 minutes per day with this new scientifically proven cure. Nope. Scammers pick up on anything in the news that looks like people may be dumb enough to go for a scam magic remedy and skin problems have been newsworthy recently.  

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