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Stupidest Scam or Spam of the Week – Impossible Loans

Lots of scam messages offer loans of various kinds as an enticement.

The more intelligent ones offer loans tied to circumstances and ability to repay etc. so as to make them more believable.

But there are other scammers who take the opposite view and offer loans for anything, with no collateral and at virtually zero interest. These are very obviously scams but still some people fall for them in their desperation to get an affordable loan.

A latest set of such scam messages appear to come from Poland (i.e. the domain suffix is .pl)

The title is something like “Your Bank Says No”.

Then the message goes on about how banks regularly turn people away or charge too much.

The link you are invited to click on (labelled as preliminary verification for a loan) is of course to a phishing site. The whole point of the email is to get your personal details so they can used to hack your accounts and/or sold to other scammers.

The email sender is tktelekom.pl which is a non-existent company and obviously a Telecomms name not a bank.

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