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Time-Wasters Update

One idiot spammer keeps trying to sell shipping container plans as if living in a shipping container is a good idea. No thanks.

A long dull story claiming to be from Mr. Gilbert William Frost explains that he was the victim of a scammer and lost $100,000 but the FBI put him in touch with a Mrs Fernandez who only charged him $550 for legal papers and then got compensation of $1,300,000 for him. It doesn’t explain why the compensation is 13 times the amount he lost but he exhorts everyone to do what he did and recover millions of dollars. Just a typical Nigerian 419 scammer looking for greedy stupid people to respond and then lose their money chasing a non existent pot of gold.

A strange email titled “How men are preventing type II diabetes”. There are many emails targeting women’s health but claiming men have a different way to women of avoiding type II diabetes is a new one. I’m not clicking the link to see what rubbish they are advertising.   

A message from Bird Box tells me I’m missing out because I haven’t signed up to the only ISA that pays 9.5% fixed returns per year, paid every 6 months.  An ISA that paid that much would go bankrupt very quickly so obviously it’s  just lies.

There are lots of scam emails about cures for Alzheimer’s as it is very common and there is no cure. This message claims a new chewy snack shut down research at one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies and that medical experts are calling it the Alzheimer’s discovery of the century. Strange that we haven’t seen it on TV, in the newspapers or shouted from the rooftops. There is no such discovery, just an evil scammer trying to get people’s hopes up so she can steal their money.

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