1. Thank you for getting the word out there. I wrote a book about my experiences with scammers, “Scambaiting for the Insane.” It’s available for the Amazon Kindle for about a dollar, which is the least they’ll let you charge for a book. I would give it away if I could.

    Will Laquelle

  2. marta says:

    I am scam victim i lost my money to a person who claim that he was from scotland uk ..he send me the package i paid all the custom fees worth Rs 500000 INR but still not deliver..can anyone help me .how can i get back my money i paid?

  3. hector Rodriguez says:

    Recenrtly I was a scam victim, I would like impruve my English, I am colombian, I live in Bogota,,For 2 times I wanted to take a corse,,in both lost my money, first time I did cllick in YouTalk TV and I got to English.live,on the second time I did click in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VkliYI8HK0 I filled all requriments and peyed 299 Eu , 100 Eu more

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