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The Fake Bride Scam

Jane Joseph claims she is British and lives in London and attends University and works part-time as a dress-maker.

The email explains her unusual situation.

I lost my father in an auto accident prompting my mother’s death because of it.

My Father, Dawson Joseph, willed me a large portion of his real estate holdings and properties valued at £10,500,000 Pounds sterling.

I have yet to place a claim on it but right now things are not good and I’d like to have it. My father’s stipulation was that I was either 30 years of age or married.

(Allowing my husband to be in control). I am 26 so only my husband can make a claim on my behalf. I’d like to offer you the opportunity to stand in as my husband and will share of it for your assistance. Your interests will be properly protected.

So, by getting someone to claim to be her husband she can claim the millions and share them with the fake husband of course.

How does the scammer benefit from this email?

Not so obvious. It could be that she just wants to marry an EU citizen to gain access to living in the EU (the email is from a Turkish address).

Or it could be that on someone agreeing to be the fake husband then there would be lots of unexpected costs to be met (by the fake husband) until she’s got as much money as possible and disappears.

Or maybe there’s another answer – if you know then send me an email.

It’s a very obvious scam email and little attempt has been made to make it seem realistic.

The email is from webmail@global-bay.info rather than a personal email address

The reply email address is Turkish.

The use of phrases such as ‘auto accident’ and ‘real estate’ and ‘pounds sterling’ are clearly not ones that a British person would choose.

Don’t think I’ll get married today after all (not even for a share of £10.5 million)

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