Stupidest Scam Chinese Companies

The radio station receives endless scam messages offering the chance to work with Chinese companies.

Occasionally there are some in Mandarin Chinese.

With Google translate on-line free of charge – it’s easy to see what the message says in English.

“AI Intelligent One Click Matching”

“Email reading opens the sharing status background to grasp in time”.

“One click addition of overseas business opportunities”.

Well maybe – it’s not so easy after translation.

Further reading shows the email is trying to interest the recipient in new software that collects contact details from on-line sources.


If you work for a Chinese company would you really choose to send out millions of emails in Mandarin to non Chinese companies?

Only a moron would consider that good Marketing

We wont be following up on this

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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