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Fake Fortune Payments


Whenever there is a natural disaster – epidemic, earthquake, flooding, forest fires etc. scammers try to take advantage by advertising fake charities, fake products, fake helplines etc. They also try to tempt people with offers of free payments and the Coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of these.

e.g.  The United Nations and humanitarian partners (UNHP), Agency, is today brought out US$855 million for its urgent push to curb the risk and help to impact on COVID-19 outbreaks in these vulnerable communities, as part of a wider UN Global Humanitarian Response support plan to all the listed names that qualifies for US$2,500,000 compensation.  This is to inform you that your (US$2.5M) outstanding payment has been approved and ready to be paid through Bank to Bank Transfer as the bank-indicated.  “

This is just standard scammer text using the name of a made-up agency and the quite ridiculous idea that the recipient will receive $2.5 million in compensation for no reason. Anyone getting this message knows they have not lost that amount of money therefore it would be ridiculous to believe that anyone would pay such compensation to random people.

However, people do still reply, perhaps in the hope that the mistake will never be noticed.

The message goes on to request the usual personal information – name, address, contact details, bank details etc.

The sender’s email address is clearly a personal one and is registered in Hungary.

All rubbish of course.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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Stupidest Spam of the Week FBI Payout

This is yet another 419 scam using the name of the FBI.

419 scams are where the scammer promises great riches and the victim has to pay a small amount to retrieve the riches, then another small amount and so on till they realise it’s all just a scam.

This one claims to be from Christopher Wray of the FBI Anti-Terrorist And Monetary Crimes Division but is from a gmail personal address so is an obvious scam.

The message claims that the FBI have discovered that I won $7.4 million USD from a Lottery Company outside the United States of America and the FBI have paid the winning amount to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) in my name.

The message is to ‘Dear Beneficiary’ so they don’t know my name and of course the IMF is nothing to do with lottery winnings.

To get the winnings I just need to pay $250 by Western Union money transfer to a clerk, but such transfers are loved by scammers as the money is untraceable and any transfer cannot be reversed.

The FBI do not use such money transfers.

The end of the message is supposed to look official but this scammer is too stupid to do it properly and it’s a jumble of words trying to look like a job title and even includes “[Photograph of Director]” where the scammer should have put a fake photo.


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Stupidest Spam of the Week Mailing List

Most scammers stick to one story and just keep trying to entice more and more people to fall for that story – maybe a 419 scammer offering a fortune to be collected or the usual phishing messages wanting you to login to check something or a romancer looking for victims and there are many other scams of course.

This scammer seems confused as the messages are clearly a 419 scam talking about $28 million but also the format is about building an email address list.

So, the main story is that the sender is dying of Coronavirus and has been a bad person but now has given away most of his possessions as she doesn’t want to go to hell when he dies.

She does however still have $28 million to get rid off and has selected me to collect the money and give it to charity on his behalf and I get to keep 40% for my troubles.

Most of the email and addresses etc. include the name Ken but the email also claims the sender’s name is Mrs Aimi Jack and she is an ‘epidemiology’. There are other obvious grammatical errors in the message.

Then the message switches to being about joining Ken’s mailing list, whoever Ken is – it doesn’t say.

There are endless options for changing passwords, re-joining the account, changing options, setting a new schedule for digest messages and so on.

All completely inappropriate for the first half of the message about asking me to help her “distribute” millions of dollars.

Does being a scammer for too long rot the scammer’s brain or do they all start out as idiots?

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Famous Names Misused

This is a typical Advance Fee Scam also known as the 419 scam but it uses a living person as the bait, as well as inventing a fortune to be available to the lucky punter (victim).

The main part of the email is the standard advance fee scam where the scammer tries to sell you on the idea that he has a fortune to push your way at no expense to you. In this case, it’s an unspecified number of millions of dollars and whatever is invested you will get 30%.

The difference with these emails is that they hijack true stories for their own use.

This latest one uses the name Isabel dos Santos as the lady with the money to give away.

She is a real person – a multi billionaire and claimed to be the richest woman in Africa although she’s actually a Russian living in Angola. She is rich, famous and does give a lot of money to good causes.

Because she’s a real person, the scammer includes a list of links to stories in magazines such as Forbes about her.

She is obviously not stupid enough to give away money to random people contacted by scammers, but then she is not part of what’s going on – it’s just a scammer misusing her good name.

Just because part of a story told by a scammer is true does not mean anything else in the story is true.

If you have any experiences with phishing scams do let me know, by email.

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Stupidest Spam of the Week The Oil Alliance

You read in the news of complex fraud cases where scammers have set up fake businesses and made deals with large companies and over the course of months swindled them out of millions.

This latest scammer seems to have been reading those stories and thinks she can do the same but without the months of preparation needed – just email some mugs and find some that want in to a shady mega bucks deal.

The email title is “Crude Oil Partnership”.

It starts “ATTN: CEO / Managing Director”.  “I have been motivated by your personal status and I have decided to approach you for a profitable partnership in a multi million dollar partnership in crude oil trading”.

There is a long involved story about how her company buys crude oil in Angola but has to buy through a 3rd party who have a government licence. The deal part is that she will help me to setup a company name and buy a licence at her expense. Then I can be the intermediary and will be paid $12 per barrel of oil purchased by her company.

With millions of barrels of oil involved that makes a big commission for me.

She also has the cheek to state “It is against my work ethics to benefit from my company’s dealings”.

Then goes to explain that she is near retirement so will take the profit for herself anyway.

The entire story is make-believe of course – probably some scammer sitting around, drinking with other criminals and invented this whole charade.

Her email address is which may sound impressive but is just a free email service anyone can use.


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Francis Deals with Scam Email

Francis received the following typical scam email (complete with grammatical and spelling mistakes)


Dear Partner,

I have $15.7 million dollars laying in an escrow account in my head office here in Sierra Leone, the fund was over due payment for contractor 4year ago.

I am seeking your help to present you as the beneficiary to the fund,so that you can contact my Bank Head Office for up transfer of the fund into your account. You are to forward me your details, Your Full name, Your age, Your address, Id card and Telephone number.

Mr Hassan Malik.


Francis replied

Dear Mr. Malik,

Thanks very much. But I don’t need your money as I have 457,452,743 billion dollars in a large suitcase I found at the side of the road.

As you only have $15.7 million would you like some of mine?

Now get lost and stop wasting my time you devious and crooked half-wit


Well said Sir.

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