Stupidest Spam of the Week FBI Payout

This is yet another 419 scam using the name of the FBI.

419 scams are where the scammer promises great riches and the victim has to pay a small amount to retrieve the riches, then another small amount and so on till they realise it’s all just a scam.

This one claims to be from Christopher Wray of the FBI Anti-Terrorist And Monetary Crimes Division but is from a gmail personal address so is an obvious scam.

The message claims that the FBI have discovered that I won $7.4 million USD from a Lottery Company outside the United States of America and the FBI have paid the winning amount to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) in my name.

The message is to ‘Dear Beneficiary’ so they don’t know my name and of course the IMF is nothing to do with lottery winnings.

To get the winnings I just need to pay $250 by Western Union money transfer to a clerk, but such transfers are loved by scammers as the money is untraceable and any transfer cannot be reversed.

The FBI do not use such money transfers.

The end of the message is supposed to look official but this scammer is too stupid to do it properly and it’s a jumble of words trying to look like a job title and even includes “[Photograph of Director]” where the scammer should have put a fake photo.


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