Fake Fortune Payments


Whenever there is a natural disaster – epidemic, earthquake, flooding, forest fires etc. scammers try to take advantage by advertising fake charities, fake products, fake helplines etc. They also try to tempt people with offers of free payments and the Coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of these.

e.g.  The United Nations and humanitarian partners (UNHP), Agency, is today brought out US$855 million for its urgent push to curb the risk and help to impact on COVID-19 outbreaks in these vulnerable communities, as part of a wider UN Global Humanitarian Response support plan to all the listed names that qualifies for US$2,500,000 compensation.  This is to inform you that your (US$2.5M) outstanding payment has been approved and ready to be paid through Bank to Bank Transfer as the bank-indicated.  “

This is just standard scammer text using the name of a made-up agency and the quite ridiculous idea that the recipient will receive $2.5 million in compensation for no reason. Anyone getting this message knows they have not lost that amount of money therefore it would be ridiculous to believe that anyone would pay such compensation to random people.

However, people do still reply, perhaps in the hope that the mistake will never be noticed.

The message goes on to request the usual personal information – name, address, contact details, bank details etc.

The sender’s email address is clearly a personal one and is registered in Hungary.

All rubbish of course.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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