Stupidest Spam of the Week Saddam Hussein

For the months just before and then after the death of Saddam Hussein, los of scammers were using his name. Some claimed they wanted to hide his billions and you could help and be well paid for the privilege. Others told long ridiculous stories about one or more of his children being stuck somewhere like Jordan and needing you to accept a huge sum of money into your bank account for them.

Some were creative with new stories but most followed the tried and tested approach of just offering lots of money for nothing and not worrying whether the story made any sense or not.

This latest one is back on the theme of Saddam’s billions but pretends to be WBS (World Bank Swiss), which doesn’t exist and has $18.5 million to give to me from Saddam’s funds at the bank.

I just need to supply the usual details – name, phone numbers, address, bank accounts etc. and the money will be available at BIL (Bank in London), which also does not exist.

The sender is supposedly a top official at Bank of America, but the email is from a free Gmail address, so can only be fake.

Could anyone believe this level of tripe?

I hope not.

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