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Stupidest Spam of the Week St Ethelberga

St. Ethelberga was a medieval church in Bishopsgate, central London but it was damaged by an IRA bomb in 1993.

It was rebuilt and restored and re-opened as The Centre for Reconciliation and Peace.

Some scammers are using the name of St. Ethelberga’s for their criminal activities, trying to cash in on the reputation for integrity.

The emails claim to be from St. Ethelberga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace and even give a website address which is correct for the centre.

However the email address of the sender and the separate email address to reply to are both Gmail addresses – not St. Ethelberga’s.

The scam is the basic 419 Advance Fee scam with a common twist in that the sender is claiming that you have not been sent the correct compensation for having been scammed previously.

“we have decided to step into the process of your fund transfer to enable your funds to be transferred within the soonest possible time without needing to pay all the huge sums of monies that are being demanded from you by the remitting bank, you are to get back to us immediately.”

It doesn’t say how much money I am owed but I have to reply with my full details including copy of identification document etc.

Just a typical scammer looking for confidential details to sell to identity thieves.

Do not trust such messages, even if they appear to be from a well known organisation.

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