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DVLA Phishing Scam

The email title is “Failure of Notify Change of Keeper – Final Warning


Final Warning – Failure of Notify Change of Keeper

As is coherent that you haven’t told the DVLA that you no longer an owner of a means of transportation …..

Then blurb about a decision having been made but it can be overruled if I “contribute information that has not already been made handy to use” and a warning that I can be penalized 1,000 GBP if I don’t tell DVLA

The grammar and wording is quite ridiculous and that is most likely to be deliberate to ensure only the most trusting people reply and provide the personal information the scammers seek.

The link to click is a box labelled TELL DVLA NOW but it goes to com-serve.ru  so it’s a Russian website. There seems to be a big scamming industry in Russia these days.

This is just a common phishing scam message.

Don’t be caught out.

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Dealing With a BT OpenReach Scammer

openreach_logo“Hello, My name is Katie and I’m calling you from BT OpenReach.”

Then she paused , waiting to see if I said I didn’t have a contract with OpenReach. When I didn’t say that she continued.

“The reason for the call is that we have to suspend your account in the next 48 hours.”

Again the pause to see if I was worried by the statement.

Me: “Right”

“We have to do that because we have received reports of some unauthorised activity at your IP address and because your IP address is active between 2 am and 4 am

So we have to suspend your account.”

Me: “OK”

“To help us fix the problems you need to tell me some information

Sir, are you using the Internet on your computer or mobile phone or other device?”

Me: “Oh I don’t think I can tell you that”

“But Sir you must tell us or we cannot fix the problem and that means the whole network is in danger”

“That’s terrible, but can’t you fix the problem anyway?”

Katie put the phone down.

This is a variant of the Microsoft support call scam where the caller tells you your PC is infected with a virus and they can fix it for a payment.

In this case, I assume she was after basic information  of who I am then she would no doubt need my login and password details etc. And likely would  want to download remote control software to my PC so she could take control of it and find credit card details etc.

Just a pathetic scam.

When you recognise a scam phone call – you can choose to tell them straightaway what you think of them or you can choose to play along and let them talk or even join in and act the part as if you are being conned. At some point they realise you’re not falling for the scam and typically they just put the phone down and move on to their next target. But wasting their time is quite fun.

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