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Barclays Caller ID Service

Barclays has launched a new caller ID service to fight scams in mid phone call.

The new feature is on its app and website and it lets customers check whether callers claiming to be from the bank are genuine – while they are on the phone.

The caller identification service is designed to fight impersonation scams, where fraudsters pretend to be phoning from organisations such as banks to trick victims into transferring money or personal details.

Some scammers are even able to spoof numbers to make it look like they’re calling from a legitimate organisation – but this new feature will confirm whether an incoming call is from a genuine Barclays’ employee.

At the moment, the feature is only available to Barclays Premier customers – who must have £100,000 saved or invested with the bank, or pay in an annual salary of at least £75,000 – but Barclays says it will be rolled out to all customers “over the coming months”.

How Does Caller ID Work?

Eligible customers will be able to use the feature on the Barclays APP. It is also available in online banking when using a browser on your phone.

If you’re unsure if the call is from Barclays, it will check if you have the Barclays app or are registered for online banking.

If you are, Barclays will offer the verification service and send you a notification.

You then log in to either your Barclays app or online banking and open your notification. This confirms the caller’s name and asks if you’d like to continue with the call.

Barclays checks the response and you then complete the typical identification checks and the call continues as usual.

If you have any experiences with scammers, spammers or time-waster do let me know, by email.

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Barclays Digital Safety Adverts

You’ve probably seen one or more of the Barclays recent TV adverts warning people about scammers.

One ad shows a call centre worker taking a call. She asks the caller for the 1st and 3rd letters of her password then says “Sorry I didn’t get that. Please tell me the 2nd and 4th letters”.  Now she has 4 letters of the callers password and smiles at the camera and says “Did you see what I did there?”

This is part of a new £10 million advertising campaign by Barclays and the ads are very good.

Instead of just saying “Watch out there are scammers about” – it shows some simple tricks that anyone could fall for and hopefully that makes a bigger impression.

Another advert shows someone going into hospital accident and emergency and a voice desperate to transfer money to help the person. But it’s a scam. Fraudsters send messages pretending to be a loved one in distress and needing money. These people have no heart and will do anything to steal your money.

A third advert shows a man claiming to be from Barclays and asking for a customer’s  password because of a necessary upgade. Barclays make the point that they never ask for a full password or Pin number so never give them to anyone.

I think these are useful adverts as they are a different take on fraud.

You can watch the videos on Barclays YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/barclaysonline

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