Barclays Digital Safety Adverts

You’ve probably seen one or more of the Barclays recent TV adverts warning people about scammers.

One ad shows a call centre worker taking a call. She asks the caller for the 1st and 3rd letters of her password then says “Sorry I didn’t get that. Please tell me the 2nd and 4th letters”.  Now she has 4 letters of the callers password and smiles at the camera and says “Did you see what I did there?”

This is part of a new £10 million advertising campaign by Barclays and the ads are very good.

Instead of just saying “Watch out there are scammers about” – it shows some simple tricks that anyone could fall for and hopefully that makes a bigger impression.

Another advert shows someone going into hospital accident and emergency and a voice desperate to transfer money to help the person. But it’s a scam. Fraudsters send messages pretending to be a loved one in distress and needing money. These people have no heart and will do anything to steal your money.

A third advert shows a man claiming to be from Barclays and asking for a customer’s  password because of a necessary upgade. Barclays make the point that they never ask for a full password or Pin number so never give them to anyone.

I think these are useful adverts as they are a different take on fraud.

You can watch the videos on Barclays YouTube channel at

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