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Any time-wasters not normally classed as scammers or spammers

Stupidest Spam of the Week Colonel Gaddafi

Years ago there was a spate of advance fee scams using the name of Colonel Gaddafi’s widow.  These were typical scams in telling a ridiculous story and claiming there is a huge fortune waiting to be collected and you can share in it if you offer just a tiny bit of help collecting those riches.

Some moron is now repeating these old messages.

e.g “Greetings from Libya,  I am the wife of the ex-Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Qadhafi, the former and late leader of Libya Colonel Muammar Qadhafi who was betrayed and embattled by Libyan

and murdered by the Libyan rebels which led to his untimely death.

Since then, me and my children has been on travel ban, no access to bank accounts  and we have been rendered homeless and at the same time we are under threat and we are not allowed to

invest or operate bank account. I wrote this letter because I need you to help me to secure some of my family funds that is deposited by my late husband in different security companies abroad which is no longer safe under the name of my late husband therefore I urgently need your help to transfer the amount to your bank account”.

She offers you 30% of the total funds and just wants to know some details from you to start the process of recovering the money.

She wants your name, address, phone numbers, gender, age, occupation and a copy of your identification.

All good information to sell to identity thieves.

She wants to benefit from two scams at once – the Advance Fee Scam and Identity Theft.

Any riches that Gaddafi had are long since gone.

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Time-Wasters Update

WHOIS final warning for email account shutdown” is yet another phishing email trying to get our login and password details. Never click on links in such emails – check with your email provider if you’re not sure whether it’s a scam or not.

Georgia Quinn emails to tell me that my gift is waiting for me. I simply need to confirm my name and address. The gift is apparently free cakes. The email sender appears to work for a company called Lead Forensics. That is a real company and is nothing to do with crime investigation. Their tagline is “Lead Forensics is the software that reveals the identity of your anonymous website visitors”.  On the Internet, many people choose to be anonymous (i.e. not login or register on websites) so they don’t get pestered by spammers and scammers, but Lead Forensics see their mission as being to remove that anonymity and make sure those people are pestered by unwanted emails and calls. We don’t know if the cakes are real or just a lie to get people to send in their details.  Don’t reply.

Reverse Alzheimer’s in 3 minutes a day”. It’s sad that scammers go after people suffering from Alzheimer’s but there are many scams targeting them. This one claims that scientists have found the secret of how memories are stored and how to restore them. If there was any such breakthrough we would all know about it and not need scammers to inform people. The email even includes pictures supposed to prove the cure but of course they don’t prove anything except that the scammer can copy and paste pictures.

Another scam message and this claims that you follow an at home trick before bed and you are guaranteed to wake up with insane energy. Scammers always promise far too much to be anything but fake. Pathetic.

Scientists from Harvard and Johns Hopkins have revealed there’s a nasty mistake most diabetics are making every single night”. Lots of scammers target diabetics as it’s very common problem and the only real answers involve weight loss and exercise. There are no magic pills to take diabetes away, so scammers invent magic potions, exercises and ‘weird’ rituals to entice people. This scammer keeps the supposed answer secret and instead lists lots of things that are proven not to work and claims his secret is different to them all. There are scientists at Harvard working on research on diabetes but their results are published for anyone to read and they do not have any magic answers as yet – or the entire world would know about it.

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Time-Wasters Update

Anastasia Bogolyubova from Strautmann and Sohna in Germany are very interested in our quality products and want us to send her a catalogue and payment terms. A standard scam message with an attached file containing malware.

TCE Electronics are keen to supply us with toroidal chokes and transformers as we have already shown an interest in such items. No – just a weird scam email. He claims to be named David, but his email address says Rose so perhaps he’s having an identity crisis. 

Carol Patterson is the name on the email but no doubt that’s fake as the scam email is a very common one. “Over 160,000 women and men are using a simple and secret water hack to drop 2 lbs of fat every night as they sleep”. The random number changes but the message is the same so probably the scam works. It’s such a ludicrous email and clearly makes no sense – even claiming something is secret that 160,000 are using. That wouldn’t be a secret if it existed but of course it doesn’t exist except in the minds of greedy evil scammers.   

“The Power-All Adapter Plug means no more household power costs ever” is another very common scam message and this one claims it is a gift from God and that many scientists preferred to flee than to face this life changing free energy miracle. The scammer seems to have been carried way with her own lies as it continues for pages – piling rubbish upon rubbish. There is no such gadget – just a scammer.

Apparently an ancient Indonesian herbal remedy wipes out your hunger pangs completely. It also burns tummy fat, is five times more effective than any workout and three times more effective than surgery. This scammer isn’t content with wiping out hunger but has to add even more assorted stupid claims for her magic remedy. She’s just a liar of course – there is no such remedy.

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Stupidest Spam of the Week The CIA

There are some scam messages that involve the CIA but they are rare so this new one is an oddity.

Waylon Miethkle tells me he has been instructed to contact me (doesn’t know my name though) as the CIA have been carrying out research into life for the last 50 years. He wants me to have the results of that research.

Sounds remarkably boring.

The tag to try to get me interested in clicking the link is

Now governments and others have developed technology around these concepts for their own deceptive use. You will be contacted by other methods about counter measures and the part you play in this”.

I think this scammer has been watching old Cold war movies and thinks she’s a part of the spy game.

“By other methods” – maybe I should keep a watch out for carrier pigeons carrying secret messages or a microfilm turning up in my breakfast cereal or clandestine phone calls with strange pass phrases e.g. “The weather is Siberia is colder than a London Tuesday in the summer”.


The link to be clicked is to a shortened URL so there’s no way to know which website it goes to unless I click on it which I will not be doing.

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