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The Time-Wasters of 2021

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There seems to be an endless supply of spam messages from companies you have no interest in trying to sell you things you don’t want.

Lists of contact details sell for around $100 per million email addresses or phone numbers from the better spam suppliers and as little as $2 per million from the worst suppliers who simply make-up email addresses e.g. for email address you can guess alice.jones or john.connor etc. and sell these to unsuspecting stupid spammers.

Any reputable company you deal with will let you unsubscribe from their messages and leave you alone but there are so many disreputable organisations who don’t care whether you ever agreed to such messages in the first place.

The most common subjects for spam and scam messages in 2020 included:-

  • Fake Covid passes
  • Fake Covid tests
  • Fake Covid PPE and similar
  • Fake Covid loans
  • Phishing scams where the scammer tries to get your login and password by pretending to be from a trusted source e.g. your bank
  • 419 scams – the ones where you are promised an inheritance or a package waiting for you at an airport or someone wanting to share their millions with you for no good reason
  • Cures for diabetes, cancer, eyesight problems, arthritis etc.
  • Magic weight loss with no effort and no dieting needed
  • Fake invoices, fake payments, fake demands for payment

Take care never to click on links in unsolicited emails or to respond to emails from someone you don’t know.

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