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Music Magpie

Music Magpie ( is for selling off old stuff – particularly CDs, DVDs, computer games, books and a growing range of other items.

Music Magpie say they are the quick and easy way to declutter and get cash for your stuff, which is why millions of people use them every year to sell their CDs, DVDs, Games, Books, Blu-Rays & Tech. They have paid over £350 million to more than 6 million customers.

It is quite simple to sell to Music Magpie – you select the item you want to sell from drop down lists and they give you an approximate valuation.

If you agree with that value, then you send them the item and get the money.

However, the problem in these types of transactions is that the offered price may turn into a much reduced price once they receive the item and revalue it and that will cause issues with the seller.

As long as the company offer fair prices then most sellers should be happy, but many people think Music Magpie been offering unreasonably high prices, knowing that almost all items that are sent in, are then down marked in price and it’s difficult for the sender to say no at that point.

There are numerous reviews of Music Magpie on Trustpilot and it seems there are more complaints than there should be.

e.g. 1  Got an email statement to say magpie was giving me £6.50. Right. No wrong. The original statement was £8.90. Another complaint. Sent email to magpie. Np response as yet. Absolutely terrible service.

  1. Terrible. Daughter’s iPod was valued at £40; when I send to Music Magpie I received a revised valuation of £4 as a “technician” had diagnosed a non-functioning lcd. I asked for it to be returned and sure enough everything functions perfectly fine.
  2. I purchased an iPhone from Music Magpie around 9-months ago. It then suddenly stopped working around 3-months ago. I sent it to be repaired immediately – hoping for a quick fix. 3-months later and many “standardised” emails probably sent via robots. I am still without a working phone. In fact they even suggested sending it back to me still broken as they were unable to fix it but didn’t want to replace or refund the phone. I’ve never received worse after-care from any retailer in my life. I will never use this company again because of their inability to honor their warranty. I suggest you do not get bought in because of the low prices, and shop with a legitimate retailer instead.

Be careful if you buy from or sell to Music Magpie.

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