Time-Wasters Update

Anastasia Bogolyubova from Strautmann and Sohna in Germany are very interested in our quality products and want us to send her a catalogue and payment terms. A standard scam message with an attached file containing malware.

TCE Electronics are keen to supply us with toroidal chokes and transformers as we have already shown an interest in such items. No – just a weird scam email. He claims to be named David, but his email address says Rose so perhaps he’s having an identity crisis. 

Carol Patterson is the name on the email but no doubt that’s fake as the scam email is a very common one. “Over 160,000 women and men are using a simple and secret water hack to drop 2 lbs of fat every night as they sleep”. The random number changes but the message is the same so probably the scam works. It’s such a ludicrous email and clearly makes no sense – even claiming something is secret that 160,000 are using. That wouldn’t be a secret if it existed but of course it doesn’t exist except in the minds of greedy evil scammers.   

“The Power-All Adapter Plug means no more household power costs ever” is another very common scam message and this one claims it is a gift from God and that many scientists preferred to flee than to face this life changing free energy miracle. The scammer seems to have been carried way with her own lies as it continues for pages – piling rubbish upon rubbish. There is no such gadget – just a scammer.

Apparently an ancient Indonesian herbal remedy wipes out your hunger pangs completely. It also burns tummy fat, is five times more effective than any workout and three times more effective than surgery. This scammer isn’t content with wiping out hunger but has to add even more assorted stupid claims for her magic remedy. She’s just a liar of course – there is no such remedy.

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