Stupidest Spam of the Week Loner Businesses

The radio station receives hundreds of spam emails every week offering online services such as web site design, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click advertising etc.

Many are from small/medium businesses in this country, East Europe, Asia, America and almost everywhere else.  It’s a lucrative market that’s easy to enter.

Most of the spam messages are from individuals as this work only needs one person, but they almost always claim to be part of a large company.


  • Perhaps they think prospective customers will trust a company more than an independent worker
  • They want to ‘big up’ their role
  • Maybe they dream of being part of a business rather than alone
  • They are lying cheating scam artists (true for many)

Whatever the reason, it’s usually very obvious that they are lying.

One of today’s special spam messages is from Lindon Newton offering to build APPS for us, SEO, e-commerce development etc. – the usual stuff.

His email address is a Gmail account, so he doesn’t have a company – no company website or email address.

But he claims to work for a big business and is Head of Marketing.

Nope – he works alone and probably is Head of Marketing, but also

  • Head of Production
  • Head of Development
  • Finance Officer
  • Human Resources Boss
  • Head of Acquisitions
  • Head of Coffee Making, Toilet Cleaning, Chief Spam Writer and Sweeper Up.

No thanks – if someone lies in their Marketing to get business, then you cannot trust them.

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