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  1. Hidden says:

    I received an email for a hotel booking I didn’t make, as mentioned in the article my first thought was to inform them that I wasn’t the one who made it so they wouldn’t hold a room for someone not actually going.

    My second thought was not to open the email attatchment my email address gets 1a lot of spam emails.

    I always check my email using my phone which cuts of the part after @ which makes it look more believable the one I received was (name of the hotel and state)

    So I didn’t actually click on the attatchment so I’m not sure what would come up but here is the email –

    Thank you for choosing to book with us.

    Hotel: ( was a hotel from another state)
    Arrival: 16/03/18
    Departure: 18/03/18
    Room: 1 QT King – Mountain River View

    Cost: AUD 358.00
    Daily rates:

    Please find further details and relevant terms & conditions in the attached booking confirmation

    We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel.

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