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Stupidest Scam or Spam of the Week

An email claiming to be from a Chinese company that manufacturers high quality industrial flour milling machines, food gritting machines and granular food flour processing lines.

So they sent the sales email to a radio station – very intelligent.

The email address shows it’s from huinachuixing786 @163.com but  a real company would have its own email system not use an Internet service like 163.com

So the email is from a scammer.

It starts off with

Good day Sir or Madam,

I am so glad to have received your message”

Of course, we didn’t send them any message. We’re not buying flour milling machinery this week as we’re stacked out with those already.

Just a stupid scam looking for people to reply to the email and hence tell the scammers that they have a live email address and are gullible enough to respond to ridiculous emails.

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Stupidest Scam or Spam of the Week

So, what’s the dumbest scam or spam on the Internet this week?

If you’re a trained carpenter or at least very experienced and proficient at woodwork then you might consider making a wooden boat. Clearly even a one man boat is a major piece of work for which you need the right tools, workshop space and a significant commitment to completing the build.

But there’s a moron who keeps sending out spam emails offering 518 boat building plans – step-by-step guides plus videos.

“It’s a simple yet BRILLIANT process to build boats … quickly and effortlessly”. “Anybody can do it”.

He claims to have just finished his second boat last week ready for a fishing trip.

Is there anyone dumb enough to believe that building a wooden boat by hand is effortless?

I hope there isn’t

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