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Pinterest Blocks Scam Sites

Spammers will sometimes create content (called Pins) on the Pinterest social media network with misleading links or links to bad content.

If you see a spam Pin – report it to Pinterest for assessment.


There are separate links on their help pages, to report specific types of problem pins:-

  • graphic violence
  • harassment
  • nudity
  • hate speech
  • impersonation
  • self harm
  • anything else

Pinterest can block links that redirect to other pages, contain misleading, inappropriate or spammy content, or otherwise violate the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

If you click a link in Pinterest that appears to be broken, inoperable, inappropriate or otherwise potentially unsafe, it may suggest an alternative link if an alternative is available. If there are no available alternatives, Pinterest may encourage you not to visit the link.

Pinterest say they network is not a place for antagonistic, explicit, false or misleading, harmful, hateful or violent content or behaviour and they may remove or limit the distribution of such content and the accounts that save it.

This is a very good feature but it is largely automated and if your website is reported as bad in some way, but that is mistaken, there is a process to get Pinterest to manually review the site and if appropriate remove their block on your site.

To make sure your Pins don’t get blocked:

– Any links must be direct to the target website, not through a URL shortener (such as bit.ly) or redirector

– Pin with the official Pin It button http://about.pinterest.com/goodies/

If you think Pinterest have blocked something they shouldn’t have – let them know, providing a link to the  website or blog and a link to a pin that’s showing you the block error.

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Scammers on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great social media network based on pictures of all kinds.

People mainly use it for inspiration – food to cook, places to go, clothes to buy, things to do, funnies, absurdities etc.

But it is used by scammers. When a post a picture you can add a link to a website page so scammers post something to make you click and that takes you to their scam website.

Here’s a recent example, posted by an idiot.

The woman in the photo is clearly standing further from the camera in the second photo – even her head is narrower in the second photo.

She looks to have lost weight but who knows how many weeks between the photos and she has a suntan in the second photo so maybe some weeks of holiday occurred in between photos.

However, it is impossible for anyone to lose 5 kilogrammes in2 days.

Oh and the magic herb is just parsley. Drinking parsley tea at night supposedly removes all the fat you’ve eaten that day.

No it doesn’t.

Use Pinterest for entertainment and inspiration but don’t be conned by fake photos.

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