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Stupidest Spam of the Week Garlic Ears

Why you should put garlic in your ear before going to sleep” is a ridiculous headline heralding a ridiculous email message about lost health remedies.

There are probably thousands of books proclaiming long lost remedies and books of kitchen medicines, home-made potions to cure all ills, grand-mothers methods, ancient healing potions etc. and many will contain ideas that could work e.g. the age old remedy for indigestion is peppermint tea.

But, equally many of the old remedies are dangerous or just plain wrong. People have believed in the most ludicrous things in the past (and some still do).

This message claims:-

”the most powerful natural painkiller”

“the most powerful natural cures lost to mankind”

“when medicines vanish you’ll need this on your bookshelf”

turn your backyard weeds into antibiotics”.

No. Better to stick with modern medicine for anything serious and be careful over which kitchen remedies you try.

The line about garlic in your ears isn’t explained in the message and I wont be buying any book just to find the no doubt strange reason behind such a practice.

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